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Hello, so, welcome to the Learning hub. Thank you for joining us. And, if you're new in this space, the idea is that the Learning hub is a place for you to practise communicating in English, so you can write comments, you can record yourself speaking English and you can share photos as well. So, it's all about you and it's all about practising communication in English.

This topic is a new topic and it's all about places. So, we're talking about first whether we prefer the city or the countryside. What do you think? You'll have a chance to tell us in a moment. Um, we also want to know where you're from and what it's like, so I've written about Sheffield, which is where I'm from originally, and you'll have a chance to practise your writing and tell us about where you're from. The final main step in this topic, erm, is a really nice one, actually. So, the idea is that people can share their view from their window. So I don't know if you've seen me before in these videos, but you always see me sitting here and the bookcase behind me. But you can't see and you don't know what my view out of my window looks like. So, if you continue through the topic, you'll be able to see that and hear my description, and that's exactly what we want from you, so that'll be a really nice activity to be able to see everybody's different views and read or hear your descriptions. So really looking forward to reading and hearing you. I hope you enjoy this topic and I'll see you later on!

Are you a city or country person? Where are you from? What's the view from your window like? Places have a special place in our lives and we want to hear all about yours.

In this topic, we're talking about where we live and where we grew up and how we feel about these places. Watch our video to find out where our LearnEnglish team members live. Read about Jo's hometown, and practise your writing to tell us about where you're from. We'll also be inviting you to share a photo of the view from your window and tell us about it! We can't wait to see where you all live and hear your messages from all over the world! Finally there's a quiz to see what you can remember. 

We hope you enjoy this topic!

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