Which forms of communication do you love or hate?

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Tina: I love, er, phone calls. I guess I like to chat, and using the phone is a great way to have a good old chit-chat.
Jo: I really like voice messaging tools. Erm, it's so quick and easy to just quickly say exactly what's in your head, leave a very quick voice message for someone, and they can listen at a time that's convenient for them.
Jonathan: I don't like voice messages so much. I mean, I like getting them, but I don't really like recording them. I'm not very good at that. Erm, when I press the button to start recording, like, straight away I forget what I wanted to say, and there's just ten seconds of silence, which is not good.
Joanne: I think my favourite form of communication is text messaging. Erm, I particularly like messaging on a group. We've got a family WhatsApp group. We live in different countries, so it's really nice just to be able to send a quick message most mornings just to say, 'Oh, hi. How are you doing? Have a good day'. So, that's something I really like.
Kirk: What's great about text messages is being able to keep in touch with friends and family all very far away, just very easily. What I hate is being part of groups where some people in the group have long conversations with each other that really don't pertain to the whole group. I find that really annoying.
Tina: I absolutely loathe video calls! I think it's because, you know how you get that little picture of yourself and you're talking to the person but you can see the little picture of yourself. I end up just looking at that and not really concentrating on the conversation.
Jo: And now I've discovered voice dictation, so sometimes I speak, and the phone writes the message for me, and it's surprisingly accurate now.

Does group texting stress you out? Do you love getting a voice note the length of a podcast? Does a video call feel like too much pressure? 

Watch the video to hear what forms of communication the LearnEnglish team love and hate.

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  • Which of these forms of communication do you use the most?
    text messaging     phone call    voice note    video call
  • Which do you like best?
  • Are there any that you hate?


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Submitted by Nafea on Wed, 23/08/2023 - 11:54


My favourite is voice call and voice note. They are very straight forward, unlike text message. People sometimes misunderstand text messages sometime.
I hate video call that I have to be all the time looking at the camera and holding the phone.

Submitted by Amal_nasr 66 on Sat, 08/07/2023 - 19:10


My favourite form of communication is text messaging. I really like communicating with my friends by text messaging and voice note. I don't like phone calls, because sometimes we don't have signal.

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Submitted by Forsakenx on Tue, 20/06/2023 - 20:07


Well, my communication form preferences depend on 2 things: where am I right now and how i slept this now. The first one gives me understanding if I may record my voice/video message. Moreover, it would be faster than writing the message, not to mention that our interlocutor will be able to see our true emotions that could prevent a false interpretation of words or at least it could reduce a chance of misunderstanding. The second is about what mood I am (I just have an insomnia that really hurts ur brain) and what's the better : try to record voice/video messages being sluggish or concentrate on the next you are about to write.
To be honest, the messaging is the form which I hate mostly. Why? Because I deprive an interlocutor's possibility to see my face, my facial expression, my emotions. I've already written about consequences in this way. So I think I'm done)

Submitted by JuttaWoFu on Fri, 09/06/2023 - 16:52



I actually still love to use an old-fashioned telephone with as long a cable as possible to make landline calls, preferably in my mother tongue, German. The electric smog is not so healthy. ;-)

In our modern world, I like to send voice messages with my mobile phone, e.g. via Whatsapp or Signal, because there I can transmit everything important quickly when I have little time.

What I really hate is when I have to type texts on my mobile phone, because that takes a very long time. I like to type everything with 10 fingers on the desktop PC. Besides, I also don't like sending voice recognition messages, because it usually results in a lot of nonsense. 😆

Hi JuttaWoFu,

I loved reading that you still like using an 'old-fashioned telephone' ;-) I find that not that many people still have a landline these days. I also find that typing texts takes a long time and I prefer typing on a keyboard - it's so much quicker!

Best wishes,

Jo (LearnEnglish team)

Submitted by ldanielars on Fri, 09/06/2023 - 16:09


I love texting and phone calls, especially when used appropriately. This means relevant messages like greetings, short text and conversations. In a world where technology is important, we have forgotten to interact with each other, and a face-to-face conversation is relevant to me. However, the best ones for me are phone calls and video calls, which allow me to get in touch with my sister, who lives far away. It’s kind of like a face-to-face conversation. Finally, I can say that I really dislike in messages are long voice notes, it’s better a phone call or conversation.

Submitted by MU65 on Mon, 05/06/2023 - 09:54


what is great about voice messaging that it is so quick and easy to say what exactly in my head and leave very quickly voice messaging for someone and they can listen at the time thats convenient for them, however what i really hate that being part of group where some people in the group have long conversations with each other’s that really don’t pertaining to the whole group. I find that really annoying

Hi MU65,

I agree with you that voice messages are convenient. I also like receiving them - it's nice to hear the voice of the person leaving the message. Please feel free to use the Learning Hub to communicate with other people - you can listen to someone's voice message and then record a message for them to listen to.

Best wishes,

Jo (LearnEnglish team)

Profile picture for user angelost

Submitted by angelost on Thu, 01/06/2023 - 00:14


Which of these forms of communication do you use the most?
I use text messaging and voice note all the day

Which do you like best?
Depends, but to answer the question, i prefer voice note, is more fast, i think.

Are there any that you hate?
I belive not

Submitted by aungwai on Tue, 30/05/2023 - 14:30


Communication is very important