Your experiences of gratitude

Woman feeling grateful

If you wrote a comment in the previous step, thank you for expressing your gratitude and sharing the love!

  • Was this your first experience of practising gratitude?
  • How easy was it to focus on the positive things in your life?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • Do you think practising gratitude regularly would be good for you?
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Submitted by contact2sudhanshu on Tue, 06/12/2022 - 10:19


My family always taught me to be grateful. I think that being grateful helps you to see the positive things in life.

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Submitted by ALEJA230981 on Wed, 30/11/2022 - 02:20


Even though , when I was a child I learned early to be gratetful , after my mother pass, until this year, as a cause of the pandemic , I became to be awarness about the most important things in my life like health , love and companish , and currently I practice meditation every morning and the first thing I do is think in the many stuff I have to express gratitud in my praying.

Submitted by ore on Sat, 26/11/2022 - 14:29


my family is a religion group and My father alwais teach me to be grateful. Now I wasn't christian but this tought alway to be in my mind. I think that be grateful help you to see the positive things in life.