Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.


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Intermediate: B1


Thank you, such a helpful exercise.

I've always fun of watching my favorite player in the NBA. He's white with grey short hair and a well shaven beard on his chin. He always bring his son whenever he has a game, his a toddler with curly hair and very adorable to watch.

My grandfather was tall, and he wore a goatee and grey hair.

Well, it's a football player who played at Real Madrid for nine years. He is tall. He has short brown hair. His father is died when he was a teenager. He did the celebration of goat on a pitch against a great national team. He is very famous, it's an icon of global football.

My father had, when he was alive, a goatee and short grey hairs

My friend has short hair with no beard.

Well, he's a dead scientist - physicist, he has a grey hair, he also has a thick moustache and he has messy hair.

He is bald director and he is a actor of comedy.

My sister have a brown curly hair,she is teenager,sometimes she change her hair color to black or make dreadlocks , she says she love men with grey hair!

Someone i know: She's have a curly hair,brown eyes and is older
Famous person: She's a gorgeous woman,singer,have a long hair,green eyes,white skin and two tattoos in her hands.