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LearnEnglish Grammar (UK Edition)

Improve your grammar skills with LearnEnglish Grammar, the #1 free educational mobile app. 

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Improve your grammar skills with LearnEnglish Grammar, the #1 educational mobile app. LearnEnglish Grammar is the best way to improve your English grammar at home, on the move, anywhere!

Designed for all learners, whether you're a beginner or an expert!

Practise sample questions at Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level. Each set of sample questions covers 12 grammar topics, with over 20 activities per topic. Purchase and download more questions as your grammar accuracy improves!

Achieve better grammar accuracy

Forget about repetitive multiple choice questions that only help you recognise correct grammar. Answer over 1000 practice questions across 10 unique activity types, including fill-in-the-blanks, reordering words and labelling, to achieve better grammar accuracy.

Interactive practice activities help you learn

Drag and drop answers and rearrange words for a fun way of learning. Each question uses text, images and audio to keep things interesting. Test yourself at the end of every level to check your understanding.

In-app help

Easy-to-access help files within each question demonstrate how to complete the activity types. The help section is supported in multiple languages. 

Multiple languages

The app is available in Spanish and Japanese to help support your learning. Go to the Settings screen in the app to change languages.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below. 


Hi Monica,
Thanks for downloading LearnEnglish Grammar and we're happy to hear you're enjoying it!  Here's how you can access your purchased content:

  1. From the Home screen, go to Purchase.
  2. Next to the question pack you have purchased, the Buy button should have changed to a green Download button.
  3. Press Download to start installing the new question pack on your device.  I would recommend waiting until you have WiFi to do this as each question pack can be quite large.
  4. One you have downloaded your content, go back to Home, and then to Manage. 
  5. You should see all the packs you have access to, including the free question packs as well as your purchased packs.
  6. Tap and select the question pack you want to practice.

We hope this helps!  Let us know whether this works for you!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

On Purchase screen always showing Restore button
is it possible to display Buy Button

Can I download and use this applications in my pc or laptop?

Hi Honorio,
LearnEnglish is only available for smartphones and tablets for now.  If you're looking for more grammar practice for your pc / laptop, check out the grammar section of the website here:
There's tons of excellent grammar practice there!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Mobile Team

this app is only for iphone android things like this?

Hi Jona!
These are smartphone apps and right now are only available on iOS, Android and Google Play.  If you don't have a smartphone, there is a ton of content on the website as well!  Have a look at the grammar section ( for more grammar activities and games!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Mobile Team

how to download this app for andriod phone?

Hi rieches,
Try clicking the "Available on the App Store" or "Android App on Google Play" buttons above, under the Download now section.  Or, try searching for the "British Council" in the App Store to find the app and downloading it from there.

Hope this helps!  Don't forget to download our other English learning apps!

Best wishes,

Dear British Council,
I'm currently using your LearnEanglish Grammar app (v on an iPad 3 with iOS 6.0.1 and I've added all the 9 currently available packs.
Since I found the app really useful and well done, I'd like to provide some feedback about it.

  • While the overall user interface is "smooth", I found not that easy to swap words when it is requested to rearrange them in the correct order. The vertical layout as in "Beginner Pack 1 - Can, could - 7" is the slowest one and I found it really uncomfortable (specially when swapping the last two words). The horizontal layout as in "Beginner Pack 1 - Can, could - 8" is better, but has some issues when the sentence is split in two lines and words "float" in the wrong place.
  • In "Beginner Pack 1 - Simple Present - 20" the correct answer should be "works" instead of "lives" since this is the verb used with the same picture in all other exercises.
  • In "Intermediate Sample Pack - Past Continuous - 18" there's no way to select the answer.
  • There are some exercises that are marked as wrong even if they are correct (I see the red number on the result page), but if I touch the red number, the exercise is displayed as correct and the result page is updated as well. Here it is a list of those I found:
    "Intermediate Sample Pack - Adjectives 1 - 21" (I got caught in heavy rain this afternoon). Quite strange, I have a screenshot of this question as 21/22, but now the set contains only 20 questions!
    "Intermediate Sample Pack - Present Perfect/Past Simple - 20" (Have you heard of it?...). This set had 25 questions when I tried it, but now it only contains 23 questions!
  • Some answers are marked as wrong even if the app says they are the correct ones. Here it is a list of those I found:
    "Beginner Pack 1 - Can, could - 16" (the second "Can" is marked as an error)
    "Beginner Pack 1 - Can, could - 17" (the first "Can" is marked as an error)

Thank you.
Best regards,

Dear Renato Massone,
Thanks for download LearnEnglish Grammar and for your awesome feedback!  I will pass this on to our developers so they can make improvements to the app.

Have you downloaded our other English learning apps?  I would love to know what you think about them!

Thanks again for your feedback, Renato.  It's very valuable to us and will help us improve our apps.
Best wishes,