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LearnEnglish for the Workplace

Key topics Business English, presentations, networking
Levels Beginner (CEFR A1) through to Advanced (CEFR C1)
Duration 25 hours per level
Format Video lessons, audio lessons

Improve your business English skills

This part of the subscription offers 48 self-access lessons which guide you from the job application process through to communicating with clients and customers.

You will:

  • showcase language proficiency in meetings, talks and presentations
  • learn how to apply for jobs in English and prepare yourself for interviews
  • develop your grammar and vocabulary, with a focus on using business English.

Learn at your level

This course is designed for learners from Beginner (CEFR A1) through to Advanced (CEFR C1). As your skills and confidence improve, you can take on more challenging tasks in English. 

What you will learn

Beginner (CEFR A1)

Learn how to complete basic tasks in English, such as meeting new people, saying numbers and dates, making a telephone call and chatting to your colleagues.

Elementary (CEFR A1)

Learn how to introduce yourself, write a job application, prepare for an interview and have basic conversations about work and everyday life.

Pre-intermediate 1 (CEFR A2)

Learn how to ask for more information in the workplace, give and receive instructions, plan a trip and describe and compare different options.

Pre-intermediate 2 (CEFR A2)

Learn to deal with more complex tasks at work in English, such as talking about prices, planning events and dealing with problems.

Intermediate (CEFR B1)

Learn how to talk about your experience in an interview, deal with complaints and write a product description.

Upper Intermediate (CEFR B2)

Learn how to write business proposals, evaluate staff performance, set up a team and meet clients effectively.

Advanced (CEFR C1)

Improve your workplace English even further so that you can discuss with colleagues, write applications and give presentations with confidence.