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Reading text

To: Jonas Schiffer
From: Nina Petrov
Subject: Report on Lumos conference

Dear Jonas,

Thanks for making it possible for me to go to the Lumos conference in London last week. As you know, it is the biggest technology conference in the country and very important to our work.

I learned a lot and I've made some new contacts that will be good for our company. I think we should try to attend the 'Innovation Day' in April as well.

I focused on talks about robotics, as that is our most interesting area at the moment. The presentations on robot 'hands' and robots for hospitals were particularly interesting for us. I'm attaching a detailed report on this new research with some suggestions about how we can use it.

Thanks again for this opportunity. I'm happy to discuss the report further if you're interested.

Best regards,


Language level

Elementary: A2


Dear Phil,

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to attend the robotics conference in Mumbai on Monday.

As you know, it is one of the biggest conference held this year. I have made some useful contacts for our company. I am sure we would definitely get new business from this seminar.

Presentation on Robotic automation and Robotic receptionist were not only interesting but I learned a few tips from it.

I am happy to discuss the report that I have made about the presentation. Let me know if you are interested.

Best regards,