Booking a table

Booking a table

Listen to someone booking a table in a restaurant to practise and improve your listening skills!

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Staff: Hello, Gino's.

Jamie: Hi. Can I book a table for tomorrow night, please?

Staff: How many people is it for?

Jamie: Four.

Staff: And what time would you like?

Jamie: About eight, eight thirty maybe?

Staff: Let's see ... We're pretty busy tomorrow, so I can do half past seven or nine.

Jamie: Oh. OK, then. Half seven, please.

Staff: What name is it?

Jamie: Jamie.

Staff: J-A- ...?

Jamie: M-I-E

Staff: OK, so that's a table for four at half past seven tomorrow evening.

Jamie: Great. Thanks! Bye.

Staff: Bye.

Staff: Hello, Gino's.

Jamie: Hi, I called earlier to book a table for four and I was wondering if I can make it for six instead?

Staff: Ah, what name was it?

Jamie: It's Jamie.

Staff: Table for four at half past seven. So you want to change it to 6 o'clock?

Jamie: No, sorry. Can I make it for six people?

Staff: Oh, I see. Sorry! That shouldn't be a problem. I can move you to a bigger table but it will be nearer the kitchen. Is that OK?

Jamie: No problem. Is it possible to change the time as well? Make it a little bit later?

Staff: Ah ... yeah, we can. Is eight OK for you?

Jamie: Perfect, thanks!

Staff: Lovely. See you tomorrow, then.

Jamie: Thanks! Bye!

Staff: Thanks. Ciao! 

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I prefer small restaurants with cozy and friendly atmosphere.

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It was nice. The phone call is very clear.

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Food as well. I am not vegan but sometimes I go to vegetarian restaurant with friends the food is healther.

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Submitted by ALEX_ES on Thu, 16/03/2023 - 13:26


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Chinese cuisine, particularly Cantonese, which offers an impressive selection of dishes, including dim sum, steamed seafood, stir-fried veggies, and renowned roast meat.

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