Finding the library

Listen to a conversation about the university library to practise and improve your listening skills.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Student: Hi. Excuse me.

Student B: Yes?

Student: Where's the library?

Student B: The library? It's next to the registration office.

Student: Ah ... sorry, I'm new. Where's the registration office?

Student B: No problem. See the big building over there?

Student: Yes.

Student B: OK, so that's the lecture theatre. Next to that, on the right, is the registration office. And next to that is the library.

Student: I see. Thanks!

Student: Hello?

Librarian: Hello.

Student: Is this the library?

Librarian: Yes, it is. Quiet, please.

Student: Oh, sorry. Thank you.

Librarian: Can I help you?

Student: Er, yes, please. I want to borrow some books. What do I need?

Librarian: You need a library card. Here's the application form. You can take up to six books maximum today.

Student: OK. Six books.

Librarian: Yes. You have two weeks to read the books. Then you bring them back.

Student: And if I'm late?

Librarian: Every day you are late there is a fee of fifty pence.

Student: OK, 50p a day. Er, anything else?

Librarian: Mobile phones must be switched off in the library. You can bring your laptop, but please use headphones to watch videos or listen to music.

Student: OK, great.

Librarian: And you can't bring food or drink.

Student: No food, no drink. And ...?

Librarian: And please speak quietly! People are working here.

Student: Oh! Oh, OK. Thank you.

Librarian: You're welcome.


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Submitted by Ndrkdbrgnv on Sun, 08/01/2023 - 12:09


Well, i have a university library. But to be honest, i've been only once there. Also, i sometimes visit a large bookstore in my city. There are so many books like fantasy, manga, autobiographical books, philosophical and psychological books, etc. I prefer to read young-adult books and manga so i visit the store for this reason.

Submitted by lylarv on Sat, 07/01/2023 - 22:07


Yes, at the university where i study. At the moment i haven't been there because it's closed for the vacation, but i used to go at least 3 times a month to check some information in the books or borrow something.

Submitted by sedepsec_a on Tue, 03/01/2023 - 17:49


i don't have library nearby.

Submitted by mayoom on Sat, 31/12/2022 - 18:53


I have a library but it is faraway

Submitted by yassmin hassan on Wed, 07/12/2022 - 09:11


yes,I have I went to the library around 5 often to borrow some books

Submitted by 6472632rmr on Fri, 02/12/2022 - 01:07


where I live there is a bookstore but I hardly go because I don't like to read

Submitted by storm18 on Wed, 30/11/2022 - 09:32


Yes, there are some local libraries in my district. I don't usually go to library because I am a lazy person, I am lazy to read book or anything else before. But now I recognize that reading book is very good, maybe I will go to library on the someday

Submitted by Abu23 on Mon, 14/11/2022 - 16:20


I don't have library in our place.

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