The first English class

The first English class

Listen to a teacher give students information about a new course to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Hello, everyone. Hello! It's nice to see you all here. Welcome to British Life and Language. I am your teacher. My name is Lindsay Black. That's L-I-N-D-S-A-Y Black. Before we begin, some information about the class.

Our class is in room 13, on the first floor. When you go upstairs, turn left to find the room. Again, that's room 13.

We have class twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday. Our class begins at 4.30 p.m. and lasts 90 minutes, so we finish at 6 p.m. That's 4.30 to 6. Please arrive on time, OK?

Also, I have an office hour if you have questions. I'm in office 7B on the second floor. My office hour is Friday at 6 p.m. So, if you have any questions or problems or want to talk to me, it's Friday at 6 p.m. in office 7B.

We begin next week, on March the 13th. That's Monday, March the 13th. The course ends on May the 20th. May the 20th is the last day.

I think that's all ... Oh, one more thing. For this course you need the book. Here it is: British Life and Language Level 1 Student's Book. So, please get a copy of the book. I don't want to see any photocopies of the book, thank you! Remember, it's level 1 student's book. Don't buy the teacher's book.

I think that's all, everyone. I look forward to working with you. See you next Monday!

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Submitted by fariba on Mon, 30/09/2019 - 12:28

i have an English class at 3: 30 to 6. it is at third flour in education department.

Submitted by Norfadzlinah R455 on Mon, 23/09/2019 - 15:53

this question make me know to learn in English step by step ..

Submitted by shafiqkassim on Thu, 19/09/2019 - 08:15

I have completed the following lessons of the first english class. The level that I chose was beginner A1 Listening.

Submitted by raza.umar on Mon, 16/09/2019 - 19:17

well I attended the English Class from one of the best institution in my hometown in Gujranwala, Pakistan. I go there for IELTS class. Moreover, I use some online blogs to for IELTS practice.

Hello raza.umar

I just wanted to mention TakeIELTS, which has lots of useful information and even some free practice materials.

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

Profile picture for user shahramuteng

Submitted by shahramuteng on Sun, 18/08/2019 - 13:30

Yes, it is related to 11 years ago!!! when I was an undergraduate student. I participated in that on two semesters and it wasn't a good experience. after that, I have never participated in any English class, but nowadays I learn English Online on two sites. Because I want to attempt for IELTS exam.
Profile picture for user Caterina Siligardi

Submitted by Caterina Siligardi on Sun, 11/08/2019 - 11:03

I don't have an English class, because I study on my own with my computer. I follow some websites:for example, English British Council. This is a wonderful website. Congratulations.

Submitted by Toanrt on Mon, 05/08/2019 - 08:57

Yes every Friday at 4pm at the café

Submitted by ayusisi on Wed, 24/07/2019 - 09:29

Yes I have an English class. I take the course for the employee program, so we can learn after finish work. Usually, I attend the English course at 7 until 9 pm.