Meeting a new team member

Meeting a new team member

Listen to a conversation between two new colleagues to practise your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Peter: Hi, my name's Peter. What's your name?

Carla: Hi, Peter. I'm Carla. I'm new here.

Peter: Welcome to the company, Carla.

Carla: Thanks, Peter. I'm happy to be here and it's nice to meet you.

Peter: It's nice to meet you too.

Carla: Where do you work?

Peter: I work in the design team. We sit over there.  

Carla: I'm in the marketing team. I started last week.

Peter: You work in marketing? That's very interesting.

Carla: Yes, it is. I'm enjoying it. But there are a lot of new things to learn.

Peter: I'm sure there are. I'm happy to help you if I can.

Carla: Thank you, Peter. What do you do in the design department?

Peter: I design new products.  

Carla: That sounds interesting. I plan marketing events for new products. So I think we'll work together sometimes.

Peter: That would be great. So, where are you from, Carla?

Carla: Brazil. And you?

Peter: I'm from the UK.

Carla: How long have you been here?

Peter: I've worked here for three years but I actually moved here from the UK five years ago, to study.

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Profile picture for user Lovish

Submitted by Lovish on Fri, 24/05/2024 - 13:37


When I meet with new people. I generally ask about their life journey because I want to take inspiration from their life.

Profile picture for user clouds14

Submitted by clouds14 on Sat, 18/05/2024 - 16:16


I usually introduce myself first and ask theirs.

Profile picture for user ZarNiAung

Submitted by ZarNiAung on Sun, 31/03/2024 - 04:03


When I meet people for the first time, I usually introduce myself first and where I am from. Then I just ask them back what's your name and where are you from also? These are the most important speech in the first meeting with new people. Because if we know that information each other, we can continue our conversation properly.

Profile picture for user Tar Tar

Submitted by Tar Tar on Thu, 28/03/2024 - 14:23


When I meet new people, we usually ask what's your name, hobbies and where do you live like that.

Submitted by PANTOCORP on Wed, 27/03/2024 - 10:04


When a new member arrives to the team, I ask him what his name is, where he lives, if he has a family and where he has worked before and what work experience he has.

Profile picture for user BRENDA_HONEYVILLA

Submitted by BRENDA_HONEYVILLA on Wed, 20/03/2024 - 22:19


Usually, when I meet people for the first time, I introduce myself and ask for their name, age, and the reason they are there. There could be different reasons, so I start by asking why and may share a story or joke during the conversation.

Submitted by cicerocoghi on Wed, 13/03/2024 - 11:15


I start to introduce myself of course , firstly I greet and after I can ask his name. Depend on where we are I can ask about the job, the company or school... some subject which we choose to talk about depend on the moment and situation. If you feel a little bit embarrassed you can speak about the weather then another issues are getting appear for extend your conversation.... when you realise you just are in fluent speaking....but it take care no to be boring and inconvenient...

Profile picture for user yukizita

Submitted by yukizita on Mon, 11/03/2024 - 18:38


I usually talk about their previous experience, just to get know the person better.

Also, I like to say to them that I'm here to help and will be very glad if they ask for my help.

Profile picture for user davevud

Submitted by davevud on Wed, 21/02/2024 - 06:30


I think we will plan a welcome party for a new joiner. If I meet new people, I will introduce my name, where I work in which department and what my job is. I will also ask theirs. Then I might ask that person how he or she feels about joining the company and what I can help them too. We might also change our numbers perhaps.

Profile picture for user bkbmtwimlat3

Submitted by bkbmtwimlat3 on Wed, 17/01/2024 - 18:48


I usually ask them what their favorite fighter on ufc