Organising a group project

Organising a group project

Listen to people organising a group project and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Cara: So for our group project, do you want to start this week?

Selim: Yeah, I want to start early so we have enough time.

Robert: Me too, but I've got a big maths project too.

Cara: How about we meet first to plan what we're going to do? Just for an hour.

Robert: Good idea, Cara.

Cara: When are you free?

Robert: I can always do mornings before 10.

Cara: Robert … Uh …

Selim: I'm sleeping before 10!

Robert: OK! OK, so when are you two free?

Cara: Wednesdays are good for me. But not very early, please!

Selim: I can't do the mornings on Wednesdays but I have 3 till 5 free.

Robert: I can do 4 o'clock, just before my maths class.

Cara: Great, 4 then. Where shall we meet?

Selim: The library?

Robert: I don't know. The library isn't a good place for a planning meeting as we can't talk in there.

Cara: How about the university café? It's near the library. We can talk in there. And eat cake.

Selim: Cake is good.

Robert: OK, so Wednesday at the café. I need to leave at ten to five to go to my maths class.

Cara: No problem. Planning will take less than an hour.

Selim: OK! See you Wednesday for cake.

Robert and Cara: See you, Selim!

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Studying with friends is not a good idea .

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I think, the best option for studying with friends in special place, for example language school. At this place you have a special atmosphere without additional distraction. In public place it's too noise. At the same time, I like study English at home with my wife during daily routine. We try to speak, when we have breakfast, cleaning the apartment etc.

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I usually prefer to study alone at library so that i can focus better on my work. I get distracted easily.
By the way some part of this conversation was difficult for me. I didn't understand some expression while listening.
Did you difficult it too?

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