A request from your boss

Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Susanne: Hi, Mario. Can you help me prepare some things for the next month?

Mario: OK, sure. What can I help you with?

Susanne: I need to visit the customer in Germany. It's important.

Mario: What can I do to help?

Susanne: Can you send an email to the customer? Ask them when I can visit them next week. Please do this first. It's a priority and very urgent.

Mario: Right. I'll do it today.

Susanne: Thanks. This next task is also important. Can you invite everyone to the next team meeting?

Mario: Yes, I will.

Susanne: But first you need to book a meeting room. After that, please send everyone an email about it.

Mario: Yes, of course.

Susanne: And finally, can you write a short report about our new project? I have to give a presentation to our managers next month. Please do it when you have time – sometime in the next two or three weeks. It's not too urgent.

Mario: Sure, no problem. I can do it this week.

Susanne: There's no hurry. Take your time.


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Submitted by César Árraga on Thu, 18/04/2019 - 13:50

Yes, I do. For example I helped to my friend to measure the dimentions of the some equipment, we did some laboratory reports for then present it to our boss, etc.

Submitted by May Thu Lwin on Wed, 17/04/2019 - 05:29

I would like to study english details more.

Submitted by Bel on Tue, 16/04/2019 - 14:51

It's very important to help other people at work!
Profile picture for user Eri Hariyandi

Submitted by Eri Hariyandi on Tue, 16/04/2019 - 09:28

very nice... it help me to practice my listening skill..

Submitted by linhview on Tue, 16/04/2019 - 09:09

In company, I help colleague if they busy or have problems. I do things that is able.

Submitted by Sil123 on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 14:02

Very often I try to help other people in my work because when I was new in my work other people help me too.
Profile picture for user Vinh Nguyen

Submitted by Vinh Nguyen on Mon, 15/04/2019 - 05:35

Excuse me, it is a problem with listening file, please check it. Thank you.
Hello Vinh Nguyen I'm sorry about this. I would suggest you try a different web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge) or different device (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer) to see if it works there. It's working for me now using Firefox on my computer, for example. If you could tell us what device and browser version you are using, that would also help us understand what is happening. Thanks and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Best wishes Kirk The LearnEnglish Team
Profile picture for user Me Mountain

Submitted by Me Mountain on Sun, 14/04/2019 - 03:22

When I was in high school, I help my classmate about his English speaking. His name is Hung. Hung very frightened before standing in the class, and that’s why he alway forget some detail when he speaking English, I show him the way as speaking in front of the mirror to due the problem. He practices every single day. And the result, like you guessed He become more confident in class before many people and I really attract what he did, you’re really great dude!
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