A request from your boss

Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.


Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Susanne: Hi, Mario. Can you help me prepare some things for the next month?

Mario: OK, sure. What can I help you with?

Susanne: I need to visit the customer in Germany. It's important.

Mario: What can I do to help?

Susanne: Can you send an email to the customer? Ask them when I can visit them next week. Please do this first. It's a priority and very urgent.

Mario: Right. I'll do it today.

Susanne: Thanks. This next task is also important. Can you invite everyone to the next team meeting?

Mario: Yes, I will.

Susanne: But first you need to book a meeting room. After that, please send everyone an email about it.

Mario: Yes, of course.

Susanne: And finally, can you write a short report about our new project? I have to give a presentation to our managers next month. Please do it when you have time – sometime in the next two or three weeks. It's not too urgent.

Mario: Sure, no problem. I can do it this week.

Susanne: There's no hurry. Take your time.


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Submitted by Nassar989811 on Tue, 22/11/2022 - 20:02


Yes, I help my manager as I make meetings with his customers

Submitted by Rachel Win on Tue, 22/11/2022 - 05:29


I help my co-worker check her report accuracy before sending it to the boss.

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Submitted by apdd razzzok on Fri, 18/11/2022 - 05:50


Yes, i help my manager
I prepare meetning

Submitted by Haje_tj on Tue, 15/11/2022 - 03:12


Yes ! I do help with my brother's work and manage his account . i Feel happy when I help him....

Submitted by Mleko on Mon, 14/11/2022 - 18:53


Thank you for the lesson. I would like to learn English so I will use your lessons for sure.

Submitted by melnichenkkoo on Thu, 03/11/2022 - 15:01


As I’m not employed, I help my parents with some housework, such as cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing clothes etc. Also I can give a hand to my friends, when they ask for help.

it's nice to find some one in this world who still help parents.but the cutest and most beautiful is having someone try to help every one.

yes, i do that and i like to help other people their work, specially when they ask me to help him. sometimes i help my friends when they doing their exercise also when they are cooking and washing their cloths.

Submitted by Antonio Rafael… on Wed, 02/11/2022 - 15:29


I've already done that, it's very important to team work.

Submitted by menoneno on Sat, 29/10/2022 - 22:06


i like to help people because it will give me satisfying in my life

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