Who's who in the office

Who's who in the office

Listen to two people talking about the people in their office to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Jani: Welcome to the department, Yuki. Let me show you around and tell you about your new colleagues. I'll introduce you to them all later.

Yuki: Great. Thanks. So, who are those people over there?

Jani: That's the order management team. Luciana deals with the new orders. She's the one with short, dark hair.

Yuki: In the purple dress?

Jani: Yeah, that's right. You'll probably work closely with her while you are learning about our ordering process.

Yuki: Got it, thanks. And who's that over there? The guy who's on the phone?

Jani: Oh, you mean the one by the window? In the green shirt? Ah, that's Ian. He's the marketing director. And that's Maria beside him. She's responsible for the internal IT systems.

Yuki: OK, I'll try to remember all of this. I should probably be taking notes!

Jani: Don't worry about it. For now it's just good to put some faces to names.

Yuki: OK, great – and who do I talk to about setting up my mobile phone with email access? Is that also Maria?

Jani: No, you need to talk to Sebastian who works in communications. He can help you. That's him over there, next to the printer.  

Yuki: Thanks. I'll introduce myself to him later.  


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Submitted by Ray Tam on Sat, 23/10/2021 - 17:24



//He's the marketing director. And that's Maria beside him.//
Can I use it’s instead of that’s as following?
He’s the marketing director. And it’s Maria besides him.


//Yuki: OK, I'll try to remember all of this.//
Is it correct l use these instead of this as following?
I’ll try to remember all of these.

Hello Ray Tam,

The choices here are contextual. As I believe I said in a previous answer, 'that' and 'this' tend to be used as ways of differentiating items: this person not that person, while 'it' is used simply to refer to a particular item. Thus, in your first example, both 'that's' and 'it's' are possible grammatically; which would be the best choice depends on the broader context. Are you pointing out Maria from a group of people or introducing her for the first time, for example?

In your second example, 'all of this' describes something singular or uncountable: this information, this advice etc. 'All of these' describes something plural: these details, these names, these rules etc.

The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Ray Tam on Fri, 22/10/2021 - 01:14


Even though over twenty colleagues in our company, all of them look like very busy in working. As a member of sales department, I only have chance get in touch with acounting colleagues. Once off duty l would like to go to the bar with them. We enjoy the happy hour and nothing we can’t talk.

Submitted by Thais Gomes Ribeiro on Fri, 15/10/2021 - 17:33


I've just colleagues at the university, they're nice! We work well together!

Submitted by Giuliana on Sat, 24/04/2021 - 03:24

Ok! I describe two of my colleagues or companions of my collage university. In firt time i talk about Noe. She's very friendly and goodddddd person. She's tall well very tall not like me. I know her when i have three or four years. She was my neighbor when i live in other neighbourhood but i moved to other neighbourhood and she still be my neighbor ajajja. My other companion is Maria Jose or Majo. I know her ago three years when we both went disney together and my other friends. She's very frindly too and funny. I always laugh with her.

Submitted by MikhailZatopliaev on Tue, 20/04/2021 - 23:24

I work for big company, my department of company have four colleagues and head of department. Sergey is brain of our team, he is very smart gay. He is planning OpEx for our models. Sergey has short hair and glasses, we have dresscod in our company so our dress not so much different. Dima is modeling Suzun field, Dima from Moscow and he is very interesting guy, he like gadgets, and like delicious food. Vitalia is modeling Tagul field, he hasn't hair, and has glasses. He is seat close to me. We often talking with him. Maria is new in our department, he is modeling GidroElectroStation for our fields. And Aleksandr is head our department. He has't hair to, but hasn't glasses. He is tall.

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Wed, 14/04/2021 - 03:48

I describe my few best friends. One freind is cricketer. He plays with destrict team. He was very kind and loving everyone. Another is very calm person. One freind is very natural. He does comedy.