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A job interview

Listen to the job interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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i think this is fantastistic interview we can learn it through and have knowlodge how touch with in itnterview thanks britsh council

If you're going to give interview in any company then I give you some tips for crack interview.
Firstly you would read your CV.
Secondly why are you left company?
learn about past experience and open mind with positive thinking.
Thirdly what's your area to work, knowledge about your area and work
Fourthly you should learn about company, what's related to company and then company's past, present and aim
Fifthly what's could you able to contribute in company's development.

Dear Team, I've already signed up for the ''self-access courses'', with a 5,99 per month payment, but I can't know how to have access to this course, there isn't any way to see this specific stuff, but only a description and some information about it. Additionally, there isn't any possibility for direct contact as, for example, we can have with your Team. Do you know, how this all works, or could you give any advice about it?
Thankful to all of you,

Hi nikoslado,

Do you see a 'My Coursework' button near the British Council logo at top of the page? If you click on that, and then 'Find a course', you'll see the list of courses to choose from. Then, clicking 'Start' will enrol you on a course.

If you encounter any problems, there is a 'Help' button in the bottom-right corner.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Well, before an interview I try to read as much as I can about the company, you know the company’s history, the values, mission and so on. Then I watch some videos about tips or common questions in works interview. And as I feel nervous at the very moment before an interview I try to be early then I use to read my CV and practice some answers. I feel fully comfortable following this steps.

I got a bit confused with the second question. The question asks "Maria has been in her current job for"?. In the recording, Maria said she got her first job 4years ago and the interviewer affirms she left her first job 3 years ago. Doesn't that mean she has been in that job for one year? Please I need some clarifications. Thanks.

Hello Sam_Xavier,

I can see how could be confusing, but it's correct. Let's say that this interview happened now in 2021. Maria started working in her old job 4 years ago (2017). Then, 3 years ago (2018), she left her old job for her current job. She is still working in that current job, and has been working there for 3 years.

Does that make sense?

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

How to prepare for an interview? Here are some tips from me. Firstly, I reread my CV to recall what I've written there)) Then, I search on the Internet all available information about my target company. Of course, I try to find some if I know someone in that company to get useful information about who will interview me, how to behave and what salary to ask.
Obviously, I try to predict future questions about my experience, the reason for job changing and so.
It's a good point to refresh your language skills if the position demands this knowledge. Maybe read some articles about job interview on foreign language on the Internet etc.
I always come to the interview place early to get some time to relax, calm down stress and rise my concentration and fighting spirit.

Before the interview, I'm always trying to remember knowlege. and research about a company I apply to.

Before a job interview, I always collect information about the company, in particular, its core mission, values, and the projects they are currently working on. Sometimes I also collect information about the HR manager of the company on LinkedIn to find out if we share common interests or values.