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A job interview

Listen to the job interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Advanced: C1


Before the interview, I'm always trying to remember knowlege. and research about a company I apply to.

Before a job interview, I always collect information about the company, in particular, its core mission, values, and the projects they are currently working on. Sometimes I also collect information about the HR manager of the company on LinkedIn to find out if we share common interests or values.

This material is an excellent resource to teach and learn English. Thanks British Council.

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I read about the company and try to learn as much as I can about the foundations and evolution. I look for companies whose values are aligned with my own so I place importance on the scanning process.

Well, it's very interesting to have this kinda listening practice. It's hard yet chalenging. I've never been asked that kind of questions in my interview experience.

If I had an interview, I would be very nervous and try to have some answers already done. I will see videos and ask other peoples what is the principal questions in an interview for me to be prepared.

For an interview... well normally I study a little about the company, products, services, values. After that I prepare my summary and talk with my self in order to ask me questions and hear my own answers.

I don´t prepare for an interview at all. I just let the things flow naturally, allowing the interviewer to know me with no filters. Besides, I don´t like to wear stylish clothes in the interview. I don´t usually dress that way in my normal life, so I would be projecting a false image of me, when I think the main purpose of this kind of appointments is to let people know you the best.
Cheers from Madrid.

I have been to 3-4 interviews till now and I felt those were much easier they just ask me some personal and work-related questions which I hadn't to prepare but I did for a safer side. Apart from this, I didn't prepare much because I know the culture of my industry and they just need people so they just ask as little as one can reply easily.