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Birthday parties

Listen to a conversation about birthday parties between three friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I do celebrate my birthday, but not too often.

Birthday parties are indifferent to me. I enjoy a lot more, a discreet meeting with my family and friends, or even celebrate in adventure activities with them.

I never enjoyed reaching my birthday and I never celebrated it since I was 12. The reason for this is that I become shy when everyone is there for me.

Celebrating birthdays is a habit that is effected by more than one factor. Some individuals do it because they are self-appreciated of themselves, and they want to attract others' attention. some people practice it just to comply with their community's expectations. I think that it is good to invite friends and relatives and entertain them, but not to waste a lot of money or to behave inappropriately.

No,i don’t like to celebrate birthday either.

All my life I was passionate about celebrating birthdays, but now, when I've turned 20 I no more find it as fascinating as it was several years ago. Beginning from 16 every birthday is grief for me. Of course, it's not because I'm getting older, it's merely because I don't accept it as something special, but still wait a lot of birthday wishes from my friends and family. However, now I became wiser, and low-key parties make me feel so special.

Yes. I does.

To be honest, I am not interested in birthdays that much. Like my friends always get very excited about this whole topic, and they like to arrange huge parties and invite a massive number of people . But I just prefer the exact opposite thing, which is having simple gatherings with families and friends . So, I normally celebrate my birthday, but I do not have an issue in not celebrating, and I dont care about it .

hello, I want to know if this sentence is correct .
(which is having simple gatherings with families and friends .)
what I mean is, can i say having simple gatherings ? or should I say it in another way ?

Hello yoyoraw,

Yes, that phrasing is perfectly fine.



The LearnEnglish Team

celebrating a birthday, from my perspective, is an important occasion in human life like any other personal occasion such as a wedding, graduation from the university, however; when it becomes like a religious ceremony which should be celebrated every year I'm not for it. I assume it would be better if a person celebrates his or her birthday just in the years that he/she achieved his/her goals, graduated from the university, so one can feel that he/ she at least accomplished in that especial year something.