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Introverts – redressing the balance

Listen to a talk about social psychology to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I was all my life beeing an introvert person, but when I started the university I realised that if you want to be hear, you have to be loud and to talk to anothers, so I changed my personality. But also, it depends if I'm with my friends or with peopole that I dont know.

I’d say both introvert and extrovert, I mean it depends on where or whit whom I am. I really appreciate loneliness cause I feel I can reflect and think more slowly before I act. But I also like to chat with others and exchange ideas. Moreover, I like to debate with people who think in another way that I do.

I'm mostly an introvert until it's the weekend. I just don't have enough time on weekdays to spend them with people because of work. Moreover, I don't really need it. But when Saturday and Sunday come, I'm turning into a hurricane (in a good way).

I consider myself as both lol, just depends on the situation. As a creative person, I don't like to be in the spotlight but it's not complicated for me to give my opinion or give a speech.

I am 100% introvert. I am more productive when working alone, but I like to confront and to share ideas with other people as well. As mentioned in the recording, today's workplaces are mainly made for extroverts. The same is true for the typical job candidates companies are looking for: they must possess good team skills. I mean, it is important to develop nice interpersonal skills especially at the workplace, but it is equally important to promote an introvert-mentality as well. Therefore, I totally agree with the speaker when she says towards the end of the recording that it is fundamental to encourage extroverts to work similarly to introverts and vice-versa.

I am more of an introvert.I have my reasons why I said this.When I had a problem to solve I got a solution thinking deeply alone.Most of the good ideas came out as I sat and thought in a quiet place.I love spending my time
listening to music
watching movies like Godfaher and Forrest Gump.
But a few days ago I became confused about my personality traits because I am totally tired of staying at home.I just felt that is a disaster to do all the routine again and again.I cannot stand it anymore.It is absolutely boring to stay at home for a number of days.What should I do to spend my long last day?
What will be the best ways to improve my English during this pademic period?Please give me advice.Thank you!

Hello Maychin,

People of all personality types can learn languages successfully, so don't worry about that side of things. I think the most important thing is to find motivation to work or study every day, so my suggestion is a simple one: do things that you enjoy, but do them in English. Read books that you like, but in English. Watch films that you like, in English. Keep a diary, if you enjoy that, in English.

If you've watched or read something in your own language and enjoyed it, now watch or read it in English. It will be easier to understand and it will be fun as well.


Most of all, keep going. Learning and studying is a great way to use the time we have now we're spending more time in our houses.



The LearnEnglish Team

In my humble opinion, I would say both extrover and introvert traits are useful to everyone depending on the circumstances in which we find ourselves in a given time. We need both traits to remain stable and deeply explore our inner selves in order to sought out the best in us and make good use our dominant part. Deep and serious meditation is needed when it comes to decision making. In this case ,it's very important we put ourself together and such moments call for a reasonable amount of introversity which will not require from us being shy or non associable .
On the other hand , we might come to find ourselves in a midst of strangers and feel very comfortable and easy in fluent conversations and share very good times . This doesn't mean we put ourselves on a spotlight. The reason being that a human being is never really given to only one trait of character.

I think that I am sometimes more introvert, instead of other times, during which i am more extrovert. I like studying alone, even if I surely would manage to study also with other people. Regarding to the characteristics of my personalities, however, i think that I am more extrovert than introvert because I love socialize with people, even if I also love having my spaces and stay alone with myself. I think that, sometimes, it is necessary to stay only with oneself.

I consider myself an introvert person. It is so true what she says. The way she describes both the labor and the educational system. I think there is still a lot to be changed. I hope someday we learn to respect one each other because as she said the future is complicating and we will need leaders who really know how to find solutions and for this to be achieved both introvert and extroverts are needed.