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Tech addiction

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I am not addicted to social media or smarphones.

Ok Boomer

I purchased my first smartphone last year after a long resistance against buying one. I had observed how people get addicted to continuously look at their smartphones in family or other gatherings. Honestly, I did not like it at all.

As a person spending most of the day time in my office in front of my computer I used to appreciate my calm evenings without a smartphone! I was looking at it as a great benefit :-) However, I could not resist much given the numerous services that are only available via mobile applications! Finally, I bought one and I keep checking my email or reading news updates at any chance that I get in the evenings. I must confess that I also enjoy using so many services that are purely available using smartphones, these days :-)

I want an iPad!

honestly, iam addicted to a smart phone especially to a common disease called Facebook, it took alot of time to just scroll on news feed without any attention to the posts i scrolled
it's just a habit

I don't think I'm addicted to smartphones or social media because simply I don't have these apps I think it wastes my time, besides I don't like the idea of putting my privacy in public.

I definitely do not addicted to smartphones or social media , actually I haven´t got social media at all in my smartphones , I think it doesn´t aggregate nothing in our lifes , ninety per cent of all things that people post on social media are foolishness that you can live without it , otherwise it is a time lost

Are you addicted to social media or smartphones?
The question seems to be certain that we are addicted to either social media or smartphones. Normally, I've noticed who are addicted to social media will be addicted to smartphones as well because I see them scrolling their phones all the time, browsing Facebook and chatting to someone. Most of time they will use their phones for social media, but also use apps for other goals. Their addiction to smartphones is exacerbated by more and more things done on it: favorite apps, music, payment... etc.
I am addicted to social media. In my society, propaganda, faked news and lies are a part of our lives, and all magazines and newspapers are manipulated to write news following a template from a group of people. This group tell reporters to write what they should or must write. So, where is it to find out some things which you can think they are truthful? It's where writers don't have to follow any template, where comments are regulated by all of people, and where things open freely to readers. Then, it's social media! You will understand why in my country it's so important to us if you imagine how your life will be when around you full of propaganda and lies. That's ok if you live following and becoming one of them, but will be not ok if you don't want to or understand that lies will only ride you to a vicious circle: more lies, lying anywhere and anytime. Do you think that I am exaggerating the social media's role in my country? Please browse and translate some Vietnamese Facebook's accounts which write some things you can't read on newspapers; you'll explore more and more then.

I don't think i'm addicted to smartphones or social media , also i have some roles on my life to stay in same level .For example , i don't open the internet on my smartphone at the morning before 11 AM .