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Tech addiction

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I do not feel that I have an addiction to social media. But I might be on the way to it.
My alarm is set on my phone so I quick check for any urgent messages too. Getting ready for work I do not check my social media. At my work place we are not allowed the use of phones, so I don't use my phone until 8:30pm when I arrive to my place. I usually eat answering my e-mails.
I can watch a movie or a serie and at the same time answering whatssapp and calls. Check my Pinterist.
Only 2-3 hours a day I don't think can be call an addiction. But with the lockdown now I spend almost all day Saturday between my phone and my laptop. So this is another different case!

I don’t know, Actually I can’t describe myself as an addict, but I have noticed that since the pandemic started the time I spend using my phone has increased. I should likely use this time doing other activities I like such us reading, playing guitar or learning a language.

I am not addicted to social media or smartphone.I have the reasons for this because I have spent about two or three hours a day on my smartphone.Nowadays most of the people are online for their business or for their studies.As I said earlier I am online for two or three hours.When I am online I get into this bbc learning website and do some exercises in listening or reading.I really enjoy doing all exercises on this website.I am greatful to all team members in this group of people.Although I have no chance to say thank you in person I get it because of my phone and internet access.I made up my mind to get to advance level in english during pandemic period.Have a nice day everyone!

Just like many people today, I also have a smartphone. I'm not very good at technology and it's tools and this seems much like an advantage for me. I use my smartphone to interact with family and friends as well as most services available on the latest. But I spend most of my time listening to music and contemplating nature when ever the opportunity is given, or better still, I go shopping. I'm therefore veery far from being addicted to social media and smartphone.

I think that I am not so addicted to social media, unless I am a bit addicted to smartphone, but exspecially because through it I communicate with people. Without it, it would be very difficult staying in touch with it. However, i try not to use my smartphone too much, knowing that the less I use it the better it is for my health.

I am definitely addict to my smart phone,I always want to have a check what the world or other people are going on, I want to change this habbit, so that I can give myself more time studying and accompanying my children.

I don't think I'm addicted to social media or smartphone, but nowadays I just use it from necessity... ;)

unfortunately, this tendency has been exacerbated even more because of the virus pandemic we are going through.
I don´t wish to be a negative person but I am 100 % sure that the worse is yet to come. We will see a dramatic increase in the rate of people suffering from mental health issues, especially in kids.

Unfortunately , I will describe myself as someone who is addicted to technologies, but I am trying to reduce this habit by spending more time doing things that are more beneficial to me, like doing sport ,or reading different books, and things like that . Also, I have been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on my phone. So everyday I try to spend less hours and actually, this is really difficult ,but I think if you are persistent and motivated enough, you will be able to make this change .

Not so much. I think I can control myself.
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