A design presentation

A design presentation

Listen to the presentation about a new product design to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Hi, everyone. Thanks for coming to this short presentation on our new product design. As you know, we've already redeveloped our 'Adventure' shampoo to make it more modern and appealing. And we've renamed it 'Adventure Tech'. Our market research established the target market as men in the 18–40 age range who like to be outdoors and also like technical gadgets, such as smartwatches, drones and things like that. We needed to create a bottle which appeals to that market.

So, today, I'm happy to unveil our new bottle design. As you can see, it's designed to look like a black metal drinking flask, with some digital features printed on it.

I'd like to talk you through the following three points: the key features, sizing and our timeline for production.

Firstly, you'll notice it has an ergonomic design. That means it fits smoothly into your hand and can be easily opened and squeezed using one hand. And, it looks like a flask you might use when hiking outdoors. The imitation digital displays are designed to remind the user of other tech devices they may have, such as a smartwatch or smart displays in their home.

I'd now like to tell you about the sizes. It comes in two sizes: the regular size and a small travel size. The travel size is the same type of design – a flask, also with imitation digital displays on the bottle. We were thinking of starting with one and following with the travel-size in a few months, but we've worked hard and both are ready now.

Finally, I'm going to talk to you about our timeline for production. You've probably heard that we're launching in two months. In preparation for that, we're starting the marketing campaign next month. You can see the complete overview of all phases in this Gantt chart.

In summary, the bottle's been designed for men who like adventure and technology, and it comes in two sizes. The marketing campaign is starting next month and we're launching the product in two months.

OK. So, any questions? Feel free to also email me for further information in case we run out of time.


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Submitted by Sliang on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 07:06


I can't remember exactly, but I think the last time I gave a presentation was around 3 to 4 years ago when I was still in university. The topic was "company management," and it was a group presentation. My role was to research the industry and target market. Thanks to our amazing team leader, we were able to complete the presentation on time and present all the important points concisely and clearly. As a result, we received a good mark for our presentation.

My last presentation was my master defense. I talked about the impact of nitrate and fluoride in groundwater in the human health and i gave some suggestions to work it out! I was a little stressed out at the beginning but it went smoothly after some minutes. I did it well and have a very good mark with mention!

Submitted by Mohammed_RHANNAM on Wed, 22/03/2023 - 06:37


Good morning,
I did my last presentation months ago, to be honest with you I can't remember many details. mainly it was about some important phenomena in social psychology, precisely the "obedience to authority". the subject itself was very attractive, the audience loved it as we tackled some daily life issues such as: giving credibility to people of higher class or hierarchy in companies, institutions or even the one who looks good without analyzing their ideas, following the group many times subconsciously and many other famous behavioral manifestations. In contrast, the presentation was interactive, I mean the audience had the opportunity to ask and discuss during my talk, they actually asked a lot of questions and gave some in-depth daily life manifestations of these social human tendencies.

Submitted by olivio.borges on Mon, 20/03/2023 - 07:11


I did my last presentation last Friday, the 17th of march, in Maputo-Mozambique.
It was a technical one, I was very relaxed, as the audience was familiar to me.
It was related to the implementation of a technical platform to manage the submission and issuance of electronic permits for the export and import of species of animals and vegetal under the trend of extinction.

Submitted by 611Andres on Fri, 24/02/2023 - 00:20


My last presentation was like three years ago, when i had to present my thesis, i was very nervous, but i did my best to do a good presentation, after all, i worked on it for a couple of years.

Submitted by inaki07 on Wed, 22/02/2023 - 16:34


The last time i did a presentation was in secondary school about the wasted water, I was nervous but it was fine.

Submitted by arashjahanbakht on Sun, 05/02/2023 - 00:16


The last time I gave a presentation was during my BA course in marketing at university. It was about a lighter brand named Zippo. I had previously analysed the brand and then spoke to the other students about the results of my research. I remember that I had taken a lot of time for researching and obtaining information and minor data. Eventually, everything went rather well and I got a very good score because of the presentation.

Submitted by Ganna Hamdy Hissain on Sat, 21/01/2023 - 21:00


The last presentation I gave was in a medical course in my university. It was about a scientific topic, that is the '' aortic arch '' - a large artery in our body-. I present with my group and I think it went so smooth and successful as we got a really good mark!

Submitted by olexandra_2005 on Thu, 12/01/2023 - 17:38


My last presentation was about two months ago. I needed to tell the audience the biography of one writer. But I did it with my group so it wasn't so nervous because I felt that I had some support. Everything was okay and we got good grades :)

Submitted by SaL47000 on Wed, 11/01/2023 - 15:40


My last presentation was about weeks ago. I was responsible to give a lecture regarding one type of a heart diseases (heart block). Three months back I have presented same topic, so, I was familiar to it. Actually the presentation went very well, the audiences were happy because, they understood it very well. This made me proud of myself.