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A request from your boss

Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Susanne: Hi, Mario. Can you help me prepare some things for the next month?

Mario: OK, sure. What can I help you with?

Susanne: I need to visit the customer in Germany. It's important.

Mario: What can I do to help?

Susanne: Can you send an email to the customer? Ask them when I can visit them next week. Please do this first. It's a priority and very urgent.

Mario: Right. I'll do it today.

Susanne: Thanks. This next task is also important. Can you invite everyone to the next team meeting?

Mario: Yes, I will.

Susanne: But first you need to book a meeting room. After that, please send everyone an email about it.

Mario: Yes, of course.

Susanne: And finally, can you write a short report about our new project? I have to give a presentation to our managers next month. Please do it when you have time – sometime in the next two or three weeks. It's not too urgent.

Mario: Sure, no problem. I can do it this week.

Susanne: There's no hurry. Take your time.



Language level

Beginner: A1


Yes, I do. I'm the IT Director (CIO) in a spanish assurance company and I think helping my team and people of others departments is very important for the development for all us and the achivement of the established goals.

Yes, I help my friends to send email sometime of work o for others friends

i help my friends and family when they need the help, to people outside my home too. But at the same time i try to don't be very generous, only when i think that is necessary


Actually, I help to people every single day. For instance, my friend asked a question from math and I answered that question easily. I think this is one way to help people too.

yes, I do, but not always. Sometimes I help my father with homeworks like: sweep the floor, wash the dishes, washing clothes. Also, I usually help my friends with video editing and explain them music theory for them assignments.

I always help people when they need help. I do whatever I can. Especially if it is technical help, like repairing their laptop or design a presentation on the powerpoint.

Yes, I do. I usually help to my partners or classmates with your tasks. I help them with presentations, searchs, and many things about their responsabilities.

I often help people with their work when they have busy. I do file arrangement, writing report and replying email.

I often help other people. For example my friend wrote me to help him. He wanted to prepare slides but he doesn't have computer. So I helped him and i prepared slides.