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Finding the library

Listen to a conversation about the university library to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Beginner: A1


During my time in college. I am not often go to the library. Currently, i feel so regret it. But now, I feel so inspire about reading book. hopefully, i will take a time to go to the library every week.

There is a local library in my community ,but onestly i have never been go there.

In my University there is a big library.

In my community there are two libraries , but honestly never i ve been go there

In my school there is library next to director room. I go there often. I get book to read from here. I have two weeks to read books. Then I must give to library. If I late I must give fee of fifty pence a day.

I don't have a local library.There is one but it is far away from home.

Yes,we have a local library in our city. We can borrow 5 books each time.

I have a local library but never is open, so i aint go there

I have local library but I never go there

I think that in my country libraries are disappearing, we almost don't go because we use the internet a lot, most people now prefer to look for their information through that medium, as long as the internet is used properly and people read a lot I think that's good