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Finding the library

Listen to a conversation about the university library to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Beginner: A1


I often visit a book shop as well. ;)

Yes, there is a local library in my hometown. Actually, I never go there because the library is very crowded and narrow. I can imagine how uncomfortable there. So, I usually go to coffe shop for doing my homeworks or study for exam. It is more comfortable and cozy place to study.

I dont have library

Yes, I have a local library near my home.

yeah, there is a local library in city center. I previously went a lot there and studied lessons for exams but I am not going anymore.

I am not sure, because this is a small town but in my previous live place I visited the library but just a few times.

Yes I do. However, I never go there. I study at home. I have a cosy and quiet room. Therefore, I have never needed to go there.

Yes, I have a library in my city and it is a helpful library for all students.
It's large and quite spacious, with all the books that you need for your studies. The fee per month, is reasonable and you can borrow take 3-5 books for the day, read them for one month and you don't have to pay a fee for delay. I enjoy spending my time with other students there, sharing our knowledge and helping each other.

Sincerely, i haven´t been in a library for a long time. I feel quite confortable read o whatever i have to do in my own house. But i would like to try to go there and see how i feel :)

I like browsing a book. :)