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Finding the library

Listen to a conversation about the university library to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Yes , there is a library in our community. I went to the library almost every weekday before the COVID-19 pandemic. I joined a English corner every Thursday morning. Sometime I read magzines or novels there. The library is also a good place to meet friends, my friends and I used to play puzzles there.

There are one which is quite far from my room, but I have never used it. I often go to my school library instead it is cooler there. I usually visit the library to take a rest and finished my homework.

I remember when I was a student, I often go to the library to prepare for my examination, I like to go to the library because I like reading the book when I have free time. Now, I work,. I don't often go to the library, but when I need to read the book, I will find them in the internet

I have three local libraries. One of them for kids and the other two are for adult. But I haven't been there for ages. I used to go to the one of the my local and the one near my job but not I have an e-book and it makes things easier.

Yes, I am

Yes, I do. Now, I am studying at Lancaster University where has a really modern library there. However, because of coronavirus, I couldn't be there and have to use one-search online to finish my dissertation.

I used to go to the university library to prepare for my exam only when I couldn't do it at home, that used to happen each time that I felt tired, bored or discouraged. I also used to go there when I had homework or project that I needed to work on with other students. I'm not very fond of going to public places like local libraries. I'm the kind of person who needs complete silence to concentrate, so I prefer to study or read alone at home in my room.

I go to library twice a day...infact I've bought books from myself ....I prefer to go library there're numerous books which help me alot

In fact, I rarely go to the library because I am using the net to get books.

Yes we do. I go once of twice a month to read same foreign magazines and news papers.