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Meeting a new team member

Listen to a conversation between two new colleagues to practise your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


It depends on the place, where I have met the people. If I will meet due to job opportunities then I will focus on my career field and where I had my graduate degree or what skills do I have?.
If it would be on any friend's birthday then I would speak to them informal style. Like my hobby or my favorite music.

I'm very shy, I prefer that other person introduce me, so I feel more confident

well , i would ask their name and where are they from than i would do to the same , then i might ask him or her about their interest , hobby , maybe if we get along together i would ask for weekend plans , well it depends on the situation and the mutual interest .

for me, I usually ask their name and where are they from. After that which school did they attend? That's all.

To me, I usually ask their names and where they are from.

first i ask them about their name ,the stuff they love and what we have in common

I ask him ,her of name ,job, and where are u from

I'd been working as hr in a large company for a long time before I went on maternity leave.
Meeting people and first talking to them on behalf of the company were my responsibilities. If I have not seen a person before, I asked him to tell about himself, then talked about the company:
- about the company profile
- about the company's development strategy
- about the target market
- about existing clients
- about the company's products - about the technologies
- about the organizational structure
- about the corporate portal
- about the internal work schedule
- about social guarantees
- about the traditions of the company meetings.
I've always really enjoyed having such meetings.

while i meet a new person and we have a little time together firest i ask him/her,"what are you want to do?" and he/she answer and continue and at last we itruduce ourself to each other.

we talk about our hobbies and job. I always ask where he or she comes from