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A student discussion

Listen to two students comparing Mars and Earth to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


Yes I do. People will live on Mars one day. There are many people researching about that. And I think some day they will find the way to live there without oxygen.

I reconk maybe people will live there. A few og humanity, as a kind of experiment, not for being a attepmt to survive because life's condiotion on Earth won't be good.

Yes, I do. In my opinion people will live on Mars one day, because science is in an advanced level, and also astronomy is very development nowadays.

I don't think because we all human needs oxygen to live.Mars has no oxygen whereas it has water.

I don't think people can live in Mars.
Because there is too cold and 1/3 smaller than Earth.
But it can be changed by time to time.
I interested to visit to the Mars, red planet.

Maybe we will maybe we won't, We need time to discover something to move Mars or another planet. I believe there are lots of things to discover in the Earth for example oceans and seas. My be we'll discover something and it works in a new technology. And maybe this technology will help us about air issue. Maybe We have to learn how to beautify our environment and live respectful with ourselves and the other living things.

I don't think people will live on Mars cause God created us on the earth, not on Mars. You can only live where God allows. No matter how good technologies and science, you can not do it without God's permission.

May be, but not so easy, Human needs air. Human lives is where have the air. Air is most important thing to live in other planets. But we should plant trees, to save the Earth. Earth is most beautiful place than others.

I consider it is a real possibility. Nowadays there is a lot of technology and that has permitted humans discovered different things about space and other planets, so in some years, maybe, we can live on other planets.

Yes, this is the reason why they study that planet. This world is dying and they need options to get out of here before we humans become extinct (although it would be best).