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A team meeting about diversity

Listen to a team meeting about diversity to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I'm a student, but If I had one work place, I would like find a work that It's have respect and diversity values.

Fortunately my workplace is quite diverse, that is, we have colleagues from different ages, gender, religions and even political positions. From my point of view, diversity has been very beneficial to team work; this is meanly due to the exchange of ideas and acknowledges that we can do things in different ways.

I don't think diversity is a good thing. It exists, in fact. Identity, to find a common identity, that is our aim. That needs love. Love through offering.

Diversity is very important any where , and let people share an ideas and cultures.

I’m a student, so I don’t work at workplace.
But maybe, there are a lot of diversity in my college.
My college has some overseas students studying in Japan and a lot of students from other prefectures. They have own opinion and culture etc.
I think that such an environment broaden my mind.

Diversity is very important thing. I work in university we have many different nationalities we creat a good relationship and we know more things about there countries.

I think that diversity is not dangerous theme for workshops. It is important to include all our members to the process.

Diversity helps in getting to know others cultures and interests, also its helps in learning from others and exchange knowledge

Well .. for my concern the diversity is very important in the teamwork ..
We can get a new ideas from different team members .

In my opinion, I think the diversity In any team It’s Important to get new idea of each one It’s maybe this will be get high benefits for the created new thing
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