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A team meeting about diversity

Listen to a team meeting about diversity to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Diversity can be something quite interesting, I'd like to share time with people from different cultures and with different beliefs, I mean, I may not adopt their ideology but knowing about that would be something I would really like.

actually,i work in hospital from 10 year i have diverse to nationality and religions cultures that is add to me alot from experiences and that helps me how to communication with different mentalities ,how to respect others from diverse backgrounds even though they are different to you

As I have been working in the GCC area for five years, I found how diversity is so crucial for enhancing creativity in our company. it helps me to learn from the culture and work ethics of my workmates who have come from all around the world and destroyed my negative isolated beliefs against others regardless of their race, religion, origins... etc

i am a graduated student but when i was studying i could see foreigners in my university who had came to continue their higher education.they were from different culture with different language,appearance and was interesting for me seeing and having interaction with people who are thinking,speaking and seeing the world in a different my point of view,diversity in the workplace lead to creativity because we have different people with various opinions.

yes in my last work in Saudi Arabia I have too much diversity with my colleague some from Syria They run away from the war in his country and Indian, Pakistani People they are so cute and intelligent

In my last work, there were some co-workers from different provinces of Peru, the Manager was a peruvian person of arab parents whom have lived in the country for many years. But they've still preserved their own culture.
The diversity can benefit to team to come up with diverse opinions to daily troubles. As more points of view are found, a wide variety of possible solutions will be available to choose. In addition, being a diverse team-working can help to know a little more about the different cultures of its members.

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my team is the same ages ,sex , country. we are studying a class in a university and work together .Our benefit is everyone is respects and values each other.when someone give an idea , everyone listen to it and give comment .im so happy when i work with them .

I like this subject because the majority of people live in forgein country are exposed to diversty such as in my workplace, there are many diversty like religion , culturel , language .....
But this diversty can help to improve many things like respect each other and get different ideas with different opinions . Also, it's contribute to learn much more about many other country for instance culturel , traditionel , Days of celebrations ....

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