Listen to the English teacher talk about listening to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Listening seems one of the most difficult skills specially when the person who is talking talks very quickly so we should all have some strategies in order to improve our listening skills in order to understand what we hear.
For me, being upset by not understanding someone who is talking requires unfortunately to ask him to repeat once again what he had said slowly to understand well what he wants to say.
When talking with records or movies, we can stop playing them to listen another time to the part we didn’t understand.
All of these strategies are for me excellent ones in order to improve someone’s listening skills to achieve better level in someone’s listening skills.

I improve listening English with videos and movies, also I hear radio station from UK like sunshine radio or absolute radio classic rock, also I like hear bbc radio station.

Well... at first when I started learning english, I used to play and stop the audio in order to write down what I had heard, after that I used to check my writing with the transcript, and that really helped me to improve my listening skill. Now I am using some helpful resources such as cartoons on youtube, another one is a "lyric song training" apps, and this is a wonderful hobby to me. Sometimes I recive phone calls from people arround the world who likes to practice their speaking and listening skills. And finally, I have been training myself since I've found the British Council's webside.

There are many ways helping to enhance listening skills such as i try to listen more more audio podacts and Radio . Also , I try to be with my native speakers friends as much i can to hear more .

I have completed the following lessons of An interview about listening skills, Making a Decision, and A phone call from a customer. The level that i chose was Intermediate B1 Listening.

since a few months ago i have started listening britishcouncil podcasts .i use the android app.also i try to watch movies to improve my listening, plus using these helpful and great listening lessons in website.

What I do to help with listening is to read the transcript while listening if it is available .

i listen to music, watch some movies and sometimes i do the tests but.. it's still quite difficult for me :(((

I prefer listening to the podcasts and English clips with native speakers as much as i can.
another way
and the most helpful one which is so advantagous to improve the skill is that pause and play and write whatever you listen to, through listening, this technique really works to help you with listening in a best way and in the meantime. you will be familiar with the right and common structures used in british conversation through the technique and also you can Watch films and series
to affect your listening skill and to improve it in the best way.

What do you do to help with listening?

My advice is to listen a lot of English conversations as much as you can, from movies, music, podcasts, YouTube videos, radios, native speaker friends, seminars, networking parties and so on, to improve one person's familiarity with English Speakings. Then learn more about the vocabulary and pronunciations to improve even further.