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Arriving late to class

Listen to the conversation between two students to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hi guys;
When I went to the university there were not another posiblility to ask questions to the teacher or your classmates to understand the topic. There were no internet. If you had any doubt you have to solve at class or on your own.
Today it is easier to find a solution because you can have a new lecture on the net which solve your questions.


In that case I usually ask the more closer partner about what I missed. hahaha... Somtimes, I have to wait for the better moment when I must ask

If I do not understand something that my teacher said I ask my friends but if I don not understand the topic about the lesson I ask it to my teacher or I search it on internet

When I don't undestand something in class I ask to my classmates or I go to the internet to search about the issue I need to improve.

If it's a lecture, I wait for it to finish. When it's finished I ask my teacher everything I haven't got.
Well, because I am a foreigner I don't catch everything straight away.
All the best

Well, If I don't understand something in the English classes, I sometimes enquire to my classmate in order to explain me what we have to do exactly on the excercise, but in some special occasions I prefer to ask to my teacher directly. So, next in either case both of them repeat it to me again.

I think always is better ask, because you don't learn and you have a mistake all the time.
if you didn't understand you would ask to the teacher.

If I dont understand something I try to Pay attention. But if ten minutes after I am still Lost, I ask a lot of questions.

In this case we have two options the first one is to raise your hands and ask your teacher. The second is to ask students sitting beside you.
For me i prefer the first option to not make noise or interrupt my colleagues.

It is better the students consider the following points for the deep understanding of a lesson:
1- They must come to class on time.
2- They must listen to the lecture carefully.
3- They must write some of their questions
4- After class, they must refer to the textbook to find answers to their questions as much as possible.
5- If they couldn't obtain their answers must take time from the teacher and ask him to explain them.

Dear teacher,
I think I have repeated some words like 'they' and 'must' too much. What is your opinion?