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At the chemist

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i often get a cold when i have stress or anxiety and i eat tables.

Every winter when temperature is low I usually get cold. In that case I use home remedies and I change my diet: eat more vegies and fruits especially citrus.

I rarely get cough or cold. I try care me and to have good clothes for the winter. I like wear good clothes like sueters and scarfs. Here in Bogotá generally the weather is cold and we have to wear clothes that don´t allow that you get a cold

I get a strong cold once a year the doctor recommends me to take some medicine and a few days bed rest.

Fortunately I don't have a cold very often, usually once a year. I stay at home and drink a lot of water, tea with honey and sore throat tablets:)

Fortunatately I rarely get a cough or a cold, perhaps because I live in a town with mild climate, where it's no much cold in winter. But, if I have a cold, I stay at home and I take a hot drink.

I get cold and sort throte in the cold weather also get fever but I prefer take a natural drinks ruther than medications, like ginger with lemon or orange jusie and t,its perfect.Surly take rest is important for Patient

It is very common to me to get a cold, as I live in a tropical country I use warm beverages, they really help, only if they fail then I go to try syrups

For me,I rarely have a cold or a cough, but when I get one or both of them in the same time, I prefer first to try a home remedies, like have a hot thyme drink, or drink a hot water with lemon or honey, I olso inhalation of the steam of boiling eucalyptus leaves.
As for medicines it be the last choice, when the home remedies can't help me to recover.

I don't get often cold or cough, it's very rare when I am sick, but I remember some time ago when I got a cold, I took some lozenges and my cold became worse than before I took it, even I started to cough, I wouldn't have taken that pill if my cousin hadn't recommended it to me, so I don't recommend the lozenges for cold or cough, I prefer the syrup, it's a little more expensive than lozenges but is better such as the chemist on the audio said.