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Chatting about a series

Listen to two friends chatting about a television series to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


In my case, talking about Game Of Thrones, I think, at the begining it was very unpredictable so you don´t know where exactly could the story take you, but at the end it became more "Hollywood-like" Show. Right now I´m watching Modern Family, it´s kind of hilarious series about different type of families we see nowadays in our society. They show funny situations about daily life. One of the think I love is how they show the contrast between American culture and the Latin culture, and how they take with humor some taboos that we still have like racism, homosexuality, social inclusion, sexuality, etc.

In this case, I don't like watching series. I prefer to watch films than watching series. Series are usually long and they take a long time to complete. One series that I have watched it is the Black List. It was interesting, but I just watched four episodes. Then I quit because it was more than six episodes.
Therefore, I don't know exactly what series they are talking about. Moreover, I don't watch TV shows at this time.

What series do you think this chat is about? What's your favourite TV show and why?

I think this chat is about Game of Thrones.

In this moment, my favourite TV show is a serie called "Peaky Blinders" and produced by BBC.

It is about a Birmingham’s gang formed by three brothers, all of them first world war veterans. The production, the costume and the script are awesome and the characters very complex and unpredictables.

I haven't got any idea about this series I don't like this kind of tv show. My favorite series so far is Grey's Anatomy

As we could heard, obviosuly they are talking about a fantasy tv series but I don´t have enough experience to guess the program. Posibbly it had some references of the claimed tv show "Game of Thrones".
In my viewpoint the best tv show that I have seen until now are clone wars animeted tales.
That cartoon story gives you a general vision about the events between two of the movies.(the attack of the clones and the revenge of the sith)
You can see a lot of landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes on the program, also there are a lot of creatures and aliens which stories have interesting connections with the principal events of the story.

I haven't got any idea about that serie. To be honest I usually don't watch lots of series, one of those I watched was 'The Walking Dead' but I still don't have a favourite.

I don't know which series they are talking about,but I suppose they talking about 'got' serious , my favorite TV show is 'friends' it's a quite gorgeous TV show, it helps me a lot for learning and I found out more vocabulary.

I don't know which series are they talking about in the chat, but seems like "Game of Thrones" or similar. Which I didn't watch so, I can't say.
On the other hand, my favorite TV show in the last months have been "Start Trek". I started to watch it with my boyfriend and we found very interesting because they touch different topic in each episode that let us with a kind of philosophical thoughts. Is not interesting in the special effects, but the history, anthropology, psychology, ethics and how humanity could evolve in the future are very well presented.

My favourite serie so far is Breaking bad

I dont watch I lot of series but I did watch the best series as la casa de papel, peaky blinders , breaking bad , arrow and Viking...., to me the best of them is Chicago police department . the story is about the best group of police in Chicago city which fight against crimes ! every they a new story and crime its a great serie furthermore there is a diversity in events because the series show us the special life of each one in the department.