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Making a decision

Listen to a meeting in which colleagues make a decision to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Intermediate: B1


I respect authorities, so I follow what they decide in the institutions I am. But, when I have the chance to decide or make suggestions about the group where I work, I try to gather all the opinions and seek for the best to everyone. It's hard to achieve that, but at least all the voices have room to be considered.

the decisions are made by bosses.

I'm a student currently but I discuss project work given by professor. He make five students in a group. We are discussed about our topic and do survey. it's very intersting for me.

The decisions are made usually in vote and we like to discuss and to choose the best that we consider in consensus.

Generally, decisions are made by discussing and ask everyone to give his opinion and then vote to choose which one you're adopting. On the other hand, some people follow their leader's decision. They still share their opinions but the last word is their leader.

In our job place usually we make decisions through the majority of opinions. This is why most of our decisions become more sucessfull.

How are decisions usually made where I work? Given that it's in a public institution, it depends of the level of the choices, that is if the choice concerns the politicians or the general management office or the middle managers.

I don't have a work currently,but in the past when I was in the university , I and my discuion group spok together about some projucts at our free time , actually that was freindly discussion with laugh and eat something

I am a student now but I could work one year ago in events organization. My boss used to make all decisions. However, he also used to ask to us for suggestions.

I work at a Laboratory of Soils and I'm an employee so I don't participate in the taking of decisions but my opinions are very important and often they are taken into account. Actually, the decisions are taken by the main engineer and the technician, they get together in a meeting and make the decisions.