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Making a decision

Listen to a meeting in which colleagues make a decision to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Jani: Thanks for coming, everyone. So, we're here today to define the timeline for our new project.

Emiko: Yes, Jani, that's a great idea.

Carolina: OK. What do you need from us?

Emiko: Hold on a moment. I think we need to decide between us what to do, to make sure it works for all departments.

Jani: Yes, exactly, don't worry. We're going to discuss this and make a decision together. Let's first think about the scheduling of each project phase. What do you think, Emiko?

David: Can I interrupt? I think we should first be clear about the process we'll use to make the decision. How are we going to do it?

Jani: Ah, yes. Good point. Well, I think the best way is for each of you to give your opinion and then we can discuss and make a decision.

David: OK. That sounds good.

Emiko: Yes, that works for me too. I know we're still planning the structure of the later phases of the project, but I think we should begin phase one as soon as possible. We can work out the rest later, as we go along.

David: I'm sorry, I don't think so. How can we start phase one if we're not fully clear on where the rest of the project will take us? We might make a wrong decision and waste time.

Jani: I agree with you on that point, David. However, we'll waste too much time if we wait until everything is planned before we actually start working on the project. I think we should take an agile approach.

David: Agile approach?

Jani: Well, it means that we start quickly and then adapt as we go along.

Emiko: That's right.

Jani: Carolina, you've been very quiet.

Carolina: Um … I'm sorry. I didn't want to interrupt. I'm listening … and thinking.

David: Do you agree we should get the plan right first, and then start with phase one?

Carolina: I'm sorry, David. I don't think I agree with you. It's important to have a good plan. But plans can change, even the good ones – and business changes often. We need to be flexible, and we also need to move quickly.

Jani: OK. So should we take a vote?

Emiko: Well, you're the project leader. Let's go with your decision.

Carolina: Yes, I'll follow your lead, Jani.

David: Well, I guess that's decided then. We'll follow your agile approach, Jani. Start quickly and keep planning the later stages of the project.

Jani: Yes, that's right.

David: I still don't think this is the right decision, but I'm happy to go with the majority. We should add some space into the schedule later for additional work this 'flexibility' will need.

Jani: Don't worry, David, we will. OK, so it's decided then. We'll start phase one as soon as possible, and in the background we'll continue planning the later phases and adapt them as we go along.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Usually, everybody is giving their opinion and then we can discuss and make a decision
PS. Hello Kirk, I would like to ask you if the sentence below is correct?
'' The coronavirus interrupted my business."
Thank you

Hi Nikolaos Stavrianakis,

Your sentence is grammatically correct. However, since the situation is still ongoing the present perfect is probably better: The coronavirus has interrupted my business.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you!!

How are decisions usually made where you work?

For some consideration, I prefer not to respond to your question. But in my opinion, a successful company must have an intelligent leader, a creative team, and good plans.

It is not easy to make a decision in a work team, but it is the good way if we want to avoid bad surprises and get control of what we are doing and what we expect. Fortunately, as smart as team leaders are, they discuss together to choose one way and work on it. That allows every member of the team to contribute to the finale decision.

In the company which I work we have meeting to make decision, some times we have consecutive meeting discuses about same project. Although consulting is a great idea, some time it takes our time even we may forget about the goal of sessions. Some how I agree to taking an agile approach so in some cases we can start and work out in rest of project later, as we go along.

I don't have a job but what I have seen in the institute where I have been studying is that the desitions are frequently addressed by the principal in a gathering which is previously scheduled regarding to the strengths and weaknesses seen both of teachers and students throughout the term time.Such desitions are held in an approach stated in researches of the field that comprises the framework of language adquisition, which is taken by the research department.Therefore the gatherings are approached to give the guides and talk over about the progress seen.

i have completed the following lesson of making decision, meeting an old friend and a weather forecast. The level i chose was B1 intermediate Listening

I have completed the following lessons of a student decision, A weather Forecast, and Making a Decision. The level I chose was Intermediate B1 Listening.

I have completed the following lessons of making decision , meeting old friend and work life balance. The level i chose was intermediate B1 listening