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Work–life balance

Listen to a radio interview about maintaining a good work–life balance to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I try not to mix work and private life. If something annoying happens during my time at work, I try to fix it at that moment in order to not to think about it later in my private life. Out of work, I like to be focused on enjoying with my friends and my couple, leaving work matters behind.
Cheers from Madrid.

This work mode isn`t such comfortable as the interwee tells. It`s awful, because your boss can abuse a possibility to work during your holidays and weekends, and all your life will be pointed around your job and responsibilities.

Firstly I must say to establish work-life balance is not very easily theme. Particularly in the traditional work places, if you desire to fix your work hours, it will be misunderstood. I mean, when your working hours is over , however you may still look at chef's face to leave. How can I manage? I think you can adjust your working hour if you have a good relationship with boss and there is a trust between you and your boss. You must induce your chef to your arriving to the house doesn't mean that you will lost with your job. You can follow your important documents and your interviews.

Now I'm not working but when I was, I used to spend all day working less sundays and holidays, when I got home I just ate and went straight to bed netflix music and sleep.

During COVID-19, it's a challenge to strike the balance between personal life and work at a home.... :|

I don't have job for now, so I’m trying to spare all day focus in studies, but sometimes I don’t feel really focus and that put me angry, I prefer modern workplaces but sometimes that kind of works at the end require more time because is based on results and not just go to the office and work doing the same every days.

I don't have a job, so I don't know how people regulate their time, I think that some have planned schedules for each type of life. When I do my activities, I focus until I finish them so I can have free time.

Personally, I have just studied so I dedicate a lot of time to this as it is one of the responsibilities I maintain.

I hope I would follow in Traditional workplaces because I prefer running at weekends and in the day I have fixed working hours.
Modern workplaces can be used by others I hope flexible working hours would be fine for students because they can manage their time, or even at weekends or while the holiday you could work.

I manage my work-life balance by spending about 12 hours for work and sleep about 12 hours per day. A good work-life balance, isn't it? ;)