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Work–life balance

Listen to a radio interview about maintaining a good work–life balance to practise and improve your listening skills.

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It can be said that in these times it is very difficult since we are in a peculiar situation but we have to take what we have and find what to do to enjoy our time to relax.

Firstly I must say to establish work-life balance is not very easily theme. Particularly in the traditional work places, if you desire to fix your work hours, it will be misunderstood. I mean, when your working hours is over , however you may still look at chef's face to leave. How can I manage? I think you can adjust your working hour if you have a good relationship with boss and there is a trust between you and your boss. You must induce your chef to your arriving to the house doesn't mean that you will lost with your job. You can follow your important documents and your interviews.

I'am of the opinion that flexibility is an advantage and that technology improvements have greatly improved our life in that sense. However, this way of managing work-life balance is not always viable; it clearly depends on the company regulations and the area and nature of the job in question. For example, an IT employee or an accountant may work from home seamlessly while for a laboratory technician, this is far away from being a possible option.

My work start from five hour in morning to six hour in the evening, l can't use my mobile during work time due to type of work, after that l back to my home to take a rest and spending time with my family or complete my study when I getting free time.

These days, I can not manage my work-life balance. Because I study with using computer at home due to corona virus, so I have to do a lot of assignments every day. And I have to work a part-time job weekend. I don't have any time to refresh, of course, I want to play some sports with my friends, meet my friends, or go shopping, but I cannot do that. So my work-life balance is destroyed now. If I have a time, I would like to increase time of my hobbies.

It depends on the rules of the company you work in. In my previous job, I had to work 12-14 a day plus all the weekends. It was horrible, I felt exhausted all the time. And the funny thing about this, it didn't make any sense because of the worse project management ever. We just wasted our time at work without achieving any goals. The most stupid work I've ever done. I quit after two months. Still don't know why I even went there. Where was my mind?
Anyway, the bad experience is also experience ))

Nowadays, it’s good that I don’t have to waste time and energy going back and forth between work and home. Feel less stressed. ;)

I accept the author's idea. After emergence the new technology and using it, workplaces have completely changed. Worklife has changed after using Internet and tools of transforming information. I remember when I newly started a job, I had to work lately when I had something important to do. Moreover, I sometimes worked in the weekends by showing up in the office. Now my work hours are more flexible. I can preferably adjust my work lives. I receive or reply to email via phone or I do something important from home. So, now I have more time in the office. The amount of workload is less than before. I sometimes do my duties in the evening or at night. For example, making presentations, marking papers, data entries, reviewing home works and so on are things that I can do them at home or in another places.
On the hand, during quarantine season in a lot of countries and in most popular companies people do their duties from home. I think this is the result of using Internet and it makes more easy to do some duties from home. We all know that using Internet increases very fast. It is virtually globalized at the moment.

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