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Work–life balance

Listen to a radio interview about maintaining a good work–life balance to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Intermediate: B1


Muy bueno esto! I love!

Unfortunately its not easy for me to manage work-life balance as my work place is a full service job and it necessitates our presence physically but the modern technology has got helpful advantages with it and that’s a wonderful approach to make us so comfortable and have an easy access to work live whenever we are at weekends or while we are on holiday . I respond the work emails and provide our clients needs via whats app on my mobile phone.

hmm i can manage my time ? actually as i work as programmer , so i can be work as freelancer so that's should i schedule my time alone ,however i have some restricted time from manager everyday like 5 hours each day, i should finished hours thats what should i do to make business work well.

I strike a balance.

I’m sometimes snowed under and feel stressed, but since I like my job which is enjoyable, I can’t help but control myself and try to strike the balance.

How do you manage your work–life balance?
Oh.... it's a tough question for me at the momen!
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I work nine hours per day, however my boss is flexible with my working hours. He allows me take time for other things like make personal paperwork, travel and other personal moments. I have my mail in my phone and forever I response the important mail of my job no matter the day of the week.

I work fixed hours, my work hours is between 7.30 to 14.30.
then I go to home and I am with my children. I try to be with my family or do my favorite workings such as reading, swimming, shopping at the weekends.

I have completed the following lessons of Work-life balance. The level that I chose was Intermediate B1 Listening

Unfortunately I do not manage my work life balance very well . I often stay in work till 8 pm and reach home late at 9 pm . just eat and sleep . At the weekend I just lies on the couch all the day .