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An invitation to a party

Listen to some phone messages with directions to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Pre-intermediate: A2


I am living in a big city where there are about 13 million people. So everyone is easy to get lost in my town.there are many small alleys. It is difficult to find the way if you are not living in the city. I live in 10 ten years, but sometimes I still let to lost in my city. When visitors come to my city and they ask direction me. I always answer the instruction for them. Because I understand how they feel when they get lost in a strange place

well, all the street in my hometown come to each other, so it is hard to get lost. If you are in a don't know place you just go along some small road and you'll reach the big road. Beside, digital map is very popular these days, so it gives you a convenient instruction to never get lost maybe. I am willing to show direction for anybody who asks.

My city is quite big so it is easy to get lost there. To be honest, after living many years here, I still get lost sometimes so I won't be surprised if it happens to a visitor. Well, yes of course I have given directions to tourists or new international students every time that I was asked to. I'm an immigrant myself, so I know exactly how it feels when you first arrive in a foreign country.

As usual, if i dont know where is the right place, i always asked his/her to share the location so its so easy to follow the directions from the maps apps. Although the point maybe not precision, so i must keep touch with his/him to make sure the address.

It's not easy to lost in my town because I originally born in it, and almost known it's roads. As for about given directions to visitors I'm always do it and it's difficult because of the difficulty in describing to get my home

I live in town. It is easy to get location but it is difficult to find house. There are many access roads in my town. If you miss the road you will get different place.It mean you will not get lost. Just you will waste your time.

My city is very big, that's why I have given directions to many tourists and other people. But my guests don't need to get my explanations, because usually, they drive and use their navi.

I live in a city of about 130,000 people; in the center of the city the streets intersect at right angle; therefore it's easy to be oriented; but it's more difficult in the suburbs, where urban settlement has expanded chaotically. I have rarely given directions to a visitor.

What does 'That's so nice of you' mean? Some says it is the expression of praising and some express it as thankfulness. Which one is correct?

Hello Emily Mellor

In the situation on this page, I'd say it's an expression of gratitude (thankfulness) for the other person's thoughtfulness (which is also a kind of praise).

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