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Instructions for an assignment

Listen to a university teacher giving instructions for an assignment to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Pre-intermediate: A2


Writing essay is such a difficult task. How to write sentence properly and correct order. You can master in writing essay. Do practice under teacher guidance is the best way.

Most difficult for me is format rules, like quota, like book which I use, like size of text, and font, like page numbers, and many many things, I hate it. But I like essay, It good way to understand things. Some time you thing like this "Oh I know this" but when you start write, and explains your understanding, you find more sense.

Hi Team !

I understand that writing essay is not only easy for me but also for every body. I wonder how we can improve the writing essay. Please guide us some methods to achieve this goal. I myself study. Beside that I only know read and write more.
Thank you very much.

Hello Minh,

In my experience, the most effective way to improve your essay writing is to get feedback on your writing from a teacher, which includes implementing their advice while you're working with them, even if it is difficult and something you don't agree with at the moment.

We don't provide this kind of help at LearnEnglish, but we do have some pages that could serve as good models for you. There's an opinion essay in our B2 writing section and another couple of essays in our C1 writing section. You can also find a few models with tips in the Writing skills section of LearnEnglish Teens, especially at the B2 and C1 levels.

Good luck!

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

all because an essay is too difficult

Depends on the topic. Some topics are hards to find and connect the ideas.

for me relayes the ideas and you have to read a lot of things about it which i mean being educated

Electricity or trees, which is eco-friendly??
Σ( °o°)

what does the trees word mean? sorry i don't get it

Hi opik,

The speaker means that he prefers students to email him the assignment, not to give him a paper copy. He wants to protect the environment by using less paper (which is made from trees).

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team