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A business interview

Listen to the business interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I really do not have any particular app, I use many apps in my learning journey.

Well, I don't have a favourite app. I really think that we can improve our skills and to increase our knowledge through many apps and websites like britishcouncil. Lately i've learned English through various tools: YouTube, Britishcouncil website, practicing with my friends... I hope be better in the future.

Personally, YouTube is my favorite app at the moment to improve my English skills. Also, I learn from Instagram especially for vocabulary, grammar tips, slang words, etc. For my opinion, social media apps are great to use for reminding of what we have recovered. That's all what I have been studying English with.

Good day everyone,
I like to listen radios' app from USA. For me is very interesting because I can practise my listening an be update about the news.
Thank you!
Stay home! Stay safe!

I like other ones use you tube for learn a lot of things I need, I can resolve problems also with the help of youtube.

My best app for learning is you tube , this avail me convenience in term of time, dictate by my personal schedule. More also it gives both visual and audio sections which aid learning and understanding.

Actually my favorite app right now is youtube, I use it to watch videos to improve my English especially in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Also, I use twitter to be connected with the world.

My favorite app for learning are Youtube and App, there, I can find videos on many topics: verbs, phrasal verbs, pronunciation,... but also films,...

My favourite app for learning is 'Opera Mini'. The reason for this, is due to its efficacy.

My favourite apps for learning are: All the british council apps for learning English and youtube