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A design presentation

Listen to the presentation about a new product design to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello, great listening lesson. However, I have a question:
Is it correct to say: "Do you have any further questions"? Or "Do you have any further question"? Or "Do you have any other further questions"? Instead of: "Do you have any questions"?
Could you help me with that issue, please?

Hi GiulianaAndy,

Yes! In this sentence, any can mean 'it does not matter which kind of question', and it can be used with singular or plural countable nouns (and uncountable nouns too). Have a look at this page from the Cambridge Dictionary for a fuller explanation.

About Do you have any other further questions?, this would be used to follow one of your first two questions - i.e., this wouldn't be the first thing you ask (because if you ask if there are any other further questions, it assumes that there has already been at least one further question).


The LearnEnglish Team

I last gave a presentation in April of this year which was for the New Trends in International Business Management course from my university.
It was about how to export a product abroad.
I had to explain how many incomes I was going to get because of that export process.
I think it did go not so bad because I got a 16 as my grade which means that my homework was not bad but not so good either.

The last time I had to give a presentation was the last semester, I had to make the final presentation of a developed project, the client wants to know the conclusions and deliverables reached during it, for about one hour the work team and I were talking and answering the customer questions, the presentation ended on time and everyone is happy with it.

I gave a presentation a few weeks ago. It wasn't a long one, I only had to give an introductory presentation of the last number of a magazine. And fortunately, everything went quite right. I only was a little upset because my internet conectivity was suffering a bit those days, but finally it worked... how could I say? Smoothly!

I had a presentation in university. I was given presentation about Absolute poverty in india. It was going good. I was prepared a lot.

The last time I had to give a presentation was in the last semester of college, where we had to present our investigation projects focused about communication theories. Despite the hard work that I gave to my project, my lack of presentation skills made my exposition very weak.

The last time that I had to give a presentation was the last week. I had to explain a topic about the work and training a group.

Several occasions happened to me of giving a presentation about some schedules or projects on the matter of education. Sometimes it was hard, but it turned out well in most cases.

The last time I had a presentation was the last semester, I had to make an investigation about bio-oil and biogas, it was good homework, I enjoyed and belive the presentation was well, the teacher said it was noticeable that our team had done excellent research about the topic. An advice I can give some people is the better you prepare your presentation the better it will go.