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A digital detox podcast

Listen to the podcast about doing a digital detox to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello, thank you for the lesson. However, I have a question. Here you go:
Is it possible to say: "Anyways, more after the break" instead of "Anyway, more after the break"? Is anyways more used in American English?

Hello GiulianaAndy,

The most common form by far is 'anyway'.

'Anyways' is an informal version which is used in some dialects, particularly in the US, but which is considered non-standard by some people. I would avoid it in all but the most informal writing.



The LearnEnglish Team

No, I wouldn't. I have to be in front of my device's screens every moment. In the morning I have my university classes, then in the afternoon I have to study English on my own, and finally before going to sleep I talk to a friend on messenger (she's helping me with my English speaking and I help her with her Spanish speaking)
I aware I definitely need a digital detox. However, it is impossible for me to do that nowadays.

I think I have some digital detoxicating enzyme... ;)

Yes, I would love to do an intense detox. But is not always possible because of work. I try to be disconnected any time that I can.

Yes, I like to do digital detox. Everyone should try to this and should spend time with family and myself. If you spend a lot of time on screen you ignore this beautiful world. Use degital detox and enjoying it.
Some people thinks that spend time on screen is for entertainment and avoid tension. But this is not true. Spend time on screen is not for entertainment and avoid tension. I suggest that everyone should adopt digital detox and do other activities such as Play football, cricket etc.and doing drawing.

Before, I was not spending so much time on my phone, but I went to live in another city for my studies, and to keep in touch with my friends and my family, I spent more and more time on my phone.
And now, the algorithm of applications like Instagram or Tik Tok are designed to push users to spend more and more time on the application.
Sometimes, I lose myself on YouTube, I lose my time instead of reading a book or drawing.
However, I think it is difficult to fix it: because of the pandemic, we must stay digitally connected, for our studies and to keep in contact with our friends and our family.
I would like to do a digital detox camp. A group of people goes to a forest, without phone, to do different activities such as meditation. It can be a good idea to return to the essential, with nature all around.

I agree with what Amanda's opinion. I also think digital detox is a way of decompression, and allows us to get back to essential things
We will surely all need it at the end of the pandemic, because staying work at home, on our computers so we spend our entire days behind our screens, and that we can forget what is really important (family, friends, read a good book…).
I think it's kind of a way to be “reset” in terms of digital pressure, so obviously it can only be positive.
Personally I know that I’m too much in front of my phone, but I don't give myself time to pause everything, I think I want to do a digital detox, I will try this.

In my opinion, a digital detox is a good idea for a few hours or days during the weekend, for instance. I am aware that the screens are very time-consuming. A digital detox could allow to rest and have some distance from social media for example. I can keep scrolling for a long time on social media like Instagram. I also often check my notifications, emails, messages. So, in the end, I didn't do anything else.
To remedy this, I have even installed an application timer for some apps, which allows me to lock them for a time I set. But it's not enough yet and I still spend a lot of time on my phone. A digital detox could allow me to do other things such as cooking or reading a book for instance.

In my opinion, I think that it's a great idea and this experience would be very helpful for me. Because I spend so much time looking at screens especially during this pandemic where people mostly use their phones to communicate and to keep in touch with their family and friends so we're becoming completely dependent on our devices and we're wasting a lot of time checking on our social media. And this can be stressful and harmful to our health because this can lead to headaches or red or watery eyes or discomfort.