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Getting advice

Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

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The fear of failure or non-approval, non-acceptance from others can make me feel nervous or anxious. Human being is a social creation. We all have our unic experiences starting right away from family and school. It starts when a parents punishes a child for his mistakes but don't seem to see or praise his achievements. When child is being compared with others and gradually loses his self-value. What we have been told at home and schools goes a long way for an adult-to-be.

I had many panic attacks during my highschool years and I've learned to overcome it. Knowledge of constant change and attention to my thoughts helped me. Realization of self-worth, being special and great in my own way boosted self-confidence.
A desire to accept my fears and "look into its eyes" decreased level of anxiety. I allowed myself to be scared, it is simply okay. I had a friend to talk to. I still get anxious sometimes and I have sleepless nights, but guess what, I don't worry about it anymore.
So my advice to people who struggle with anxiety or panic attacks is : let your fear be. It's okay to be scared. Accept it. Live it through. Don't pay much attention to it. See it as a temporal condition. Don't fight it. Dont be ashamed of it. Find someone to talk to. You will be fine.

Being nervous seem like a normal routine to me. Though it was long before I realised it. My anxiety rises when I think about the future and the challenges I have to scale through. Also the fear of the kind of father I'm going to be to my kids. But then I learnt to console myself that all is going to be fine. I assure myself I'm doing great and will definitely get it right. "The future will be bright" I would say to myself.

It make me feel anxious when I overthink all things I started and I didn’t finished, all opportunities I have missed and so on. And it make me feel nervous to think in what I am gonna do after my graduation, am I gonna find a good job? Am I gonna get stability in my live? Have I ever gonna help something in the world gets better or am I just gonna be one more gentrified man? Lately I am trying to do not overthink in the future and just focus on the present. I recommend to practice meditation at least twenty minutes per day.

actually, this kind of feeling, such as depression, sadness, and anger everybody must have been experienced as we, as a human being, have all kinds of positive and negative emotions. But I assure you it is just a case of time, it will go, but it comes again in a new form. We have just to be patient and not worry too much as if we will never ever get rid of them and get used to them. I am sometimes anxious when I have a job interview or an important occasion, especially before the day of the event. The worst enemy of the human is regret about the decisions he/she had made in the past and worries about the future. The best thing to do is just concentration at the present time.

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What makes me feel nervous or anxiety is to do something knowing that someone is waiting for me to get great results about it.

When I read the comments and the text above I felt really surprised. I didn´t think there were so many people worried about things like me. What makes me feel anxious is the job and the economy. I have really studied hard in my life and despite I always have a job in my carreer, my contracts don´t take more than three or four months. Yep, it is true. When you want to control something the worries appear. You have to struggle every day to set your goals and I´m not able to sleep well ( no more than five hours). Might it be true that you sometimes see people that they don´t care things ?. It is only an appearance?, or is just about your personality?.

I'm really sad to admit that I get easily nervous and anxious, sometimes in an exaggerated way or about stupid things not deserving all the importance I give them. I expect events and things to happen in a certain way, but I can't wait peaceably like normal people do, I just start worrying and thinking about unrealistic troubles and issues or unexpected circumstances. The fear of failure is another feeling I usually have before any kind of experience, from social to professional experiences, which makes me hesitate and overthink a lot. I must confess that I have missed many opportunities, and I'm kind of introvert because of that, I fear not succeeding in getting on well with people, or being disappointed, so I just avoid building relationships either in a personal or professional context.

Hi Asni. I know that feeling 'cause I'm also an introvert person and people like us usually don't wanna get out of their comfort zone, don't wanna risk, don't wanna feel less, etc... Once I found out these things, I decided to work in myself, to try new things even though I knew it was gonna be hard at first but if you never try, you'll never know what you will earn. Surround yourself with good people, good friends that you know they'll never judge you for being like that, they'll understand you and will help you to make you feel comfortable and confidence about yourself.