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Joining a gym

Listen to the conversation about joining a gym to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


In my opinion the answer for question 5 is false because we can see in the transcription:
“He or she will design an exercise plan that's just right for you and show you exactly what to do. We even include nutrition advice in the plan” Indeed the plan includes this benefit but isn’t clear that personal will do it.

Well, the short answer would be - nothing. I really don't look for anything in the gym. Actually, I've never been there before. And that's not because I think gyms are useless or fitness is meaningless. I just prefer to do my exercises in the nearest park or at home when the weather is cold or wet.
You can ask me why? The answer is easy like the Cyrillic alphabet )) The gym costs money, you have to ride to the gym, if it isn't near you, you need to share exercise machines with others.
Of course, there are lots of pros in gyms. You can use modern exercise machines (if they free), you can count on the gym trainer who could teach you to do exercises right. You also can look at your co-trainees and copy what they do. And above, if you accidentally hurt yourself, there might be someone among the gym personal who could give you help.
So go or don't go to the gym every one can decide for oneself. Someone likes new fitness equipment and competitive spirit and someone likes fresh air and the freedom to do what you want.

All I need in a gym is a treadmill and pilates class. Those are the unique things I look for a gym because I really don´t like it. I rather choose exercise in home. hehe. =)

What I look for in a gym would be good rates obviously to be affordable, trainers who give us advice on what to do? and, how to do it ? in order to achieve our goals.
the lesson has been useful and approachable. Thanks a lot.

First of all I’m interested in sportive life style and especially going to gym so when I have to choose one i prefer some specifications such as best rate, large space, not too much members so as not to be too crowded, polite personal trainers, comfortable and calm atmosphere , and diversity of equipments that meet my needs

What I look out for in a gym is getting fit to keep my body and system in perfect condition.

Hi , I think I didn’t get the answers of some questions. They look ambiguous. The on about the personal trainer who tells what to eat , I think it is false because he tells what to do and why . The nutritionist is the one who tells that . Also the wuestion about the charge of the trainer , she mentioned that it is included in the price so no extra charge. Again there is the one about the man who wasn’t convinced at the end of the call . Actually it seems that he was convinced , he said he will do that . Finally she said that there is a three days pass not mentioned that it was free of charge . The question was about a sample visit which is not true .
I need more explanation please
Thank you

yep bro me too. I usually also got problems with some of their questions.

Hello ZahraMashama

Regarding Task 1 question 5, you have to look at what is said in the conversation: 'For your first visits we'll assign you one of our expert personal trainers. He or she will design an exercise plan that's just right for you and show you exactly what to do. We even include nutrition advice in the plan.' It's true that who creates the plan is not specified, but since no nutritionist is mentioned at any time, 'True' is a better answer. 

As for question 6, it seems to me that what you say means you think the answer should be 'False', which it is, because you have do have to pay to join the gym. Or have I misunderstood you?

As for question 7, the customer says 'Yeah, I guess', which doesn't show commitment. He does agree to look at the gym more, but it's not clear that he is convinced he will join.

As for question 8, the 'free day pass' is what gets you a sample visit.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I look for a gym because there is very good for my health. When our bodies are normally active, our body's processes of metabolism can function effectively. After practicing sports, your mind will be more flexible and alert and you can learn anything faster. You will have a relaxed spirit. In addition, your body will be perfect. How beautiful your body is when it's symmetrical and not fat.