Student card application

Student card application

Read an application form to practise reading official forms.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.


Reading text

Student ID card application

First name: Samia

Last name: Khan

Date of birth: 09/10/1992

Address: 5 Ledger Road, Cardiff

Postcode: CF10 5RE

Nationality: Canadian

I declare that the information provided is correct.

SignatureSamia Khan

Date: 28/02/2019

Your checklist – have you got everything you need?

[ ✔ ] a passport photo
[ ✔ ] a copy of your passport or other photo ID
[ ✔ ] proof of student status e.g. a letter from your university

Your card will be issued within 30 days and sent to the address provided.


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Submitted by FeliipeAndresA on Sun, 09/07/2023 - 05:37


The last one was for a data analyst course.

Submitted by Safe_Mode on Thu, 08/06/2023 - 15:34


The last application form completed was foreign bank accounts' declaration tax authorities

Submitted by Miss zahra on Sat, 01/04/2023 - 21:20


I filled a job application last week. I saw the job offer online and I wanted to try my luck. There was some qualification in job description that I do not have but the salary was tempting.

Profile picture for user _Moon_

Submitted by _Moon_ on Thu, 23/03/2023 - 05:56


The last application form which I completed was a job application form. The company need my personal information & other terms and conditions for the candidate. Some conditions were very strict which I couldn't agree with. So, I told them that I can't be able fill up those sections. Guess what? I couldn't make that. Some company has hard rules which they throw to the candidate and wanted to agree with them. People who need money so badly end up agreed to those conditions and join the company.

Submitted by mdasantana on Tue, 21/02/2023 - 14:11


I don't remember my last application form. But, it was probably an application form for a job interview.

Profile picture for user marwa hussin

Submitted by marwa hussin on Fri, 17/02/2023 - 21:32


the last application i completed was a job application

Submitted by Trang Luu on Sun, 05/02/2023 - 03:41


The last application form I completed is the form I've done when I had to do for a Canada visa .

Submitted by kitalphar on Fri, 06/01/2023 - 22:33


I completed an application form to affiliate an a family compensation fund

Submitted by Ibrahimyousef on Mon, 14/11/2022 - 13:58


Last month, I completed application form ID smart ( personal card), his card will be issue within one a hour.

Submitted by jmajo on Fri, 04/11/2022 - 14:03


The last application form I completed was to get an appointment to renew my personal ID, it was an online official form and I had to put personal data like my date of birth, personal address, first name, last name, etc.

Thanks for the lesson.
Great site!