An email from a friend

An email from a friend

Read an email about plans for the weekend to practise and improve your reading skills.

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Hi Samia,

Just a quick email to say that sounds like a great idea. Saturday is better for me because I'm meeting my parents on Sunday. So if that's still good for you, why don't you come here? Then you can see the new flat and all the work we've done on the kitchen since we moved in. We can eat at home and then go for a walk in the afternoon. It's going to be so good to catch up finally. I want to hear all about your new job!

Our address is 52 Charles Road, but it's a bit difficult to find because the house numbers are really strange here. If you turn left at the post office and keep going past the big white house on Charles Road, there's a small side street behind it with the houses 50–56 in. Don't ask me why the side street doesn't have a different name! But call me if you get lost and I'll come and get you.

Let me know if there's anything you do/don't like to eat. Really looking forward to seeing you!

See you soon!


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Submitted by Naru Yasuda on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 10:17

When I make a plan with my friend, I decide date at first. Second, we decide where to go. Why I want to decide date at first, because it would have a regular crossing day or event. And if we do not match free day, we cannot hung out. I want to make plan to talk friends, but I decide message more. Because it can see a lot of information and how to access. We can find where we want to go. And message can see talk until now. So I do not forget date, time and where to go.

Submitted by Saria Muraoka on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 10:05

When I make plans with my friends, I decide number of people first. Then I propose a place considering the friend's character and number of people. If I decide date and time, I just wait for the day. I always use LINE to make plans with my friends. However, sometimes I don't plan perfectly. This is when I suddenly want to play. What I want to do that day with friends who have free time. It's good to plan completely , but it's fun to playing without plans. Whether I have plan or not, who to play with is the most important things.

Submitted by Yonemura Tomoya on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 09:10

When I make plans with friends by email, I am careful not to misunderstand. Friend may misunderstand if we don't tell in detail, so We must tell our friends detail about place , date and meeting time. If I use the train to go to the meeting place, I look up the train schedule and send my friend it. By doing so, meeting on the day is easy.

Submitted by Yuri Chida on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 08:01

I usually make plans with my friends by sending a message or making a phone call. Messages take a time to make plans than phone call. We need to wait for a reply. Therefore, I use phone call when I’m in a harry or want to make plans soon. On the other hand, message is recorded so we can see any message anytime we want. When we see it, we won’t misunderstand the time, place, and so on. I think that it is a good thing. Also, I use messages when I make plans with multiple. Because messages are easier to listen to everyone’s opinions at the same time. I use both of them depending on situations.

Submitted by mahiro on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 07:58

Hello. I meet up with my friend when I make a plan. So I can meet with my friend. There are a lot of other good ideas. First, it has to get a contact of frequency. You until meet up. This way are call you and use a line, write to you, it do it anyway! Second, it decide to all plan in last met. There are a lot of this way. Anyway you can find this way by your self.

Submitted by tomoka on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 07:26

When I want to make plans with my friends, firstly I ask them what they want to do and where they want to go by using application. Secondly I collect information with my friends, but sometimes some friends don't look it up and force me to do it. To be honest, I am tired such an situation, but It is fun for me because they are my friends. Last, I decide a convenient day for every one. These are my ways making plans with friends. Of course, it take for a long time to do. But I really like thinking about spending time with my friends.

Submitted by Sharif Tayyebi on Mon, 25/05/2020 - 00:50

I think it depends on our situation. I usually make plans with my friends by calling or messaging each other. But, I usually prefer watsup or telegram for messaging than the email. That is because that we usually check our watsup or other messangers sooner than emails. Indeed, if I am looking forward to make a plan to meet my students or colleagues about their/ our projects I usually plan or set by email. For the main reason, email is more formal than messangers, and also I prefer to avoid from making call or messaging with my students. Regards, Tayyebi

Submitted by hoshi on Sun, 24/05/2020 - 23:00

Hello. When I always make a plan with my friends,first I decide what I want to do or where I want to go.In the case of I don't have something I want to do or to go at that time,I don't make a plan. When I make a plan,I decide three things. First,who to go with.I think that it is most important point. Second,meeting time.but I often fails to come on time. Third,meeting place.but it is about the same place. and I always make a plan by LINE.It is so useful!

Submitted by MasoumehNejat on Sat, 23/05/2020 - 16:26

I Like to see in person and communicate better.

Submitted by mouna99 on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 12:36

I prefer calls and messages