An end of term report

An end of term report

Read an end of term report to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Southwestern University

Candidate's surname: Martella
Candidate's first name: Javier
Student number: 15604088-B
Academic year: 2019–2020
Course: English Basics 2
Term: 3 (final)

Mark breakdown

Skills/Area Maximum mark Pass mark Mark obtained Pass/Fail
Reading 20 10 15 P
Listening 20 10 8 F
Writing 20 10 14 P
Speaking 20 10 17 P
Grammar/Vocabulary 20 10 11 P
TOTAL     65 P


Well done, Javier, on all your hard work this term. You are always active in speaking activities, and this is great. I always enjoy reading your writing too; you have very good ideas. You can see from your marks that reading is not a problem for you.

Sometimes you still make small grammar mistakes, and I think you can improve your vocabulary. I recommend you review many of the language points we studied this term. There is extra language practice in your online workbook.

The area you need to work on the most is listening. I know this is difficult for you. I recommend more practice at home. Listen to English TV shows, podcasts and radio as much as possible. I can give you a list of things to listen to.

I've enjoyed working with you. Have a nice holiday, and good luck for next term!

Instructor's name: Erin Gibbs

Signed: Erin Gibbs


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Language level

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Submitted by TheLegendKillerRKO on Tue, 04/06/2024 - 17:31


I should improve in speaking and writing skills :(

Submitted by ubaid332 on Mon, 27/05/2024 - 07:51


What was your last report like? What areas do you need to improve?

My last report was an average in all these skills. I am now improving my all skills and I completed A1 level of Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. I improved myself till now with level A1 and I hope after complete all the level my English level will more improve.

I like the British Council learning methodology. A person can learn by interactive and daily use topics. By consistansy, gradually improvment is possible.

Submitted by Begin81 on Thu, 28/03/2024 - 08:54


I really like to reading and rewriting every thing I read. This ways take me more time, but instead it help me don't have mistake the word. 

Submitted by DigitalDragon on Mon, 26/02/2024 - 07:34


I am learning English on my own, and I think that I need to improve my writing and speaking skills. To do this I need to study grammar more and practice writing and speaking more. My reading and listening skills have been at a good level since school.

Submitted by DzhusAngela on Fri, 22/12/2023 - 11:01


I need to improve my grammar and vocabulary.I want obtained enough mark in this area.

Submitted by arizonova on Tue, 14/11/2023 - 04:25


My main problem is speaking. I can understand speakers well, especially from Western Europe or non-English speaking countries if they speak English, of course. And I want to answer them, but it's usually hard. I forget all my vocabulary at those moments. I hope that if I practice a lot, I'll be able to fix it.

You must to be contident yourself and must to be relaxed how also you must to be kind and then well to be a good. You forget because you sure stres when you start speak remember that to believe yourself.
If you can written at English, and understand when you listening other peoples when they speak to you or others person it's that you a lot stresed in a moment when you start conversation. People on the Western are kind so don't must afriad them only must to be a some calm and then all will a good 😉
Greating to you and start believe yourself now. This is your a time and your life, therefore must to be kind and confident yourself 😀

Submitted by Toan3002 on Mon, 23/10/2023 - 09:47


Listening and Reading are better than Writing and Speaking skills. I need to practice Writing and Speaking more.

Submitted by phạm thị quỳnh anh on Wed, 18/10/2023 - 10:59


the areas i need to improve is listening, speaking and writing, my teacher encouraged me a lot and commented that my reading skill was good. i must try my bestttt