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Robot teachers

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If you think of the jobs robots could never do, you would probably put doctors and teachers at the top of the list. It's easy to imagine robot cleaners and factory workers, but some jobs need human connection and creativity. But are we underestimating what robots can do? In some cases, they already perform better than doctors at diagnosing illness. Also, some patients might feel more comfortable sharing personal information with a machine than a person. Could there be a place for robots in education after all?

British education expert Anthony Seldon thinks so. And he even has a date for the robot takeover of the classroom: 2027. He predicts robots will do the main job of transferring information and teachers will be like assistants. Intelligent robots will read students' faces, movements and maybe even brain signals. Then they will adapt the information to each student. It's not a popular opinion and it's unlikely robots will ever have empathy and the ability to really connect with humans like another human can.

One thing is certain, though. A robot teacher is better than no teacher at all. In some parts of the world, there aren't enough teachers and 9–16 per cent of children under the age of 14 don't go to school. That problem could be partly solved by robots because they can teach anywhere and won't get stressed, or tired, or move somewhere for an easier, higher-paid job.

Those negative aspects of teaching are something everyone agrees on. Teachers all over the world are leaving because it is a difficult job and they feel overworked. Perhaps the question is not 'Will robots replace teachers?' but 'How can robots help teachers?' Office workers can use software to do things like organise and answer emails, arrange meetings and update calendars. Teachers waste a lot of time doing non-teaching work, including more than 11 hours a week marking homework. If robots could cut the time teachers spend marking homework and writing reports, teachers would have more time and energy for the parts of the job humans do best.

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Submitted by Safe_Mode on Sun, 28/04/2024 - 10:17


Robots are, already, our teachers if you haven't noticed) I'm talking about educational online lessons and courses. They are not robots in our general representation of metal humanlike gears with strange voice, but algorithms that give us the information and tasks and marking our homeworks. Some of them can answer our questions using GPT systems. So, the future is, already, here!)

Submitted by Toan3002 on Mon, 25/03/2024 - 02:28


In the future, I believe that robots will become wonderful assistants for helping teachers mark homework and write reports or support students with difficult homework. 

Submitted by DzhusAngela on Sun, 04/02/2024 - 16:25


I think I would like to have teachers more than robots because robots don't understand emotions and feelings

Submitted by Yeli Marcela Londoño on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 16:22


Having a robot as a teacher it may have some pros and contras.One benefit is that the classes would be arranged in a better organized system and they couldn't have problems with the topics. But one of the biggest weakness is the lack of human perception that a machine has, it's impossible to replace a professor with a machine because a machine would have never had the same connection with a student. A professor is an equal human beign who has passed by the same problems in the education system as a common student and the most important aspect is that the teacher will teach you with passion and their experience in life.

Submitted by LUCIE LE on Thu, 28/12/2023 - 10:11


I wanna have a robot teacher, I like that. If i have a robot teacher i will have a lot of time free time because robot will support me in study as find out information, recommend for me lot of good lesson and check original course and finally I can ask it everything in the world that I don't know., that's so amazing.

Submitted by Raho on Thu, 02/11/2023 - 07:20


i disagree the idea of having a robot teacher than areal one where robots don't have empathy but it can help other things around

Submitted by betelf on Mon, 23/10/2023 - 08:37


I would like to, even now, I enjoy using AI for learning.

Submitted by TataRyt on Fri, 20/10/2023 - 19:48


I am totally sure that robots instead of teachers is a bad idea. Robots can assist with self-learning but on the classes they cannot replace the empathy of teachers. In this case the individual approach to the student is lost.

Submitted by Nhatlinh2k5 on Fri, 29/09/2023 - 03:16


I absolutely agree with the idea that teachers in recent times are facing doing non-teaching work. It is very stressful and consumes a great amount of time for teachers.

Submitted by fthbertan on Sun, 06/08/2023 - 20:06


I'm not really sure about this. People may be concerned much times if robots can make some critical jobs. Robots can achieve too jobs such as cleaning, factory works, sending mail, arrange meeting, update calendars. But some important jobs can just make it by humans. And then, maybe they can help teacher for various jobs. Some regularly jobs could have made it just by humans before the robots are created .Because Robots can make a job very perfectly but human power ve opinion always preferred by us. I wouldn't want a robot as a teacher, I always prefer to learn from teacher who is human. Because they have thinking skills and they have particular abilities when they graduate from university. That's why, I don't even want to imagine robots teach us a lesson in the classroom.