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Dictionary definitions

Read dictionary definitions for academic words and review parts of speech to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text
to officially go to a place, like a school, university or class
You must attend 80 per cent of classes to pass the course.
dormitory plural dormitories
1. a place where many people sleep
2. US: a big building at a university where students live (UK: hall of residence)
I know John. He lives in my dorm at university.
faculty plural faculties
all the teachers who work at a university
Norman Brown was in the English faculty for twenty years.
teaching assistant
a person who works to help a university teacher in a classroom
The teaching assistant has the exams for you at the end of class.
tuition fee
an amount of money that you pay to go to university
Tuition fees are very high this year.
a student at a college or university who is studying for a first degree
They met when they were undergraduates at Cambridge University.



Language level

Beginner: A1


I do not use dictionary as a book. If I need to learn a word which I don't know, I use Google Translate app on my phone. Btw, I try to translate English to English as possible as I can.

I use dictionary in my regular life. When I read any articles or any news in English, I find many words difficult and totally unknown. To get a clear idea about those texts, i often take help from dictionary. As i use dictionary in my regular life that's why i have installed Dictionary app in my mobile phone and it has made my life very easy to keep my connected myself learning new words everyday.

My English is not good so i usually use the dictionary to translate any words i don't understand. I choose Cambridge Dictionary because it's a standard.

I use the dictionary all days. Frequently, I find new words in my mother tongue, the Portuguese, and see other new words in English that I study daily.

I rarely use dictionary

Always. There are so many word that i don't know. In every article or book that i read, there must be on or two word that i have no idea what's the meaning is.

It was really very helpful to learn these new words

i use dictionary everyday to learn new word. It is very helpful for me. But, recently i usually use google translation because it is easier and commom

I use the dictionary every day, mainly for translate

I use dictionary when I want write comment or I don't understand text