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Student card application

Read an application form to practise reading official forms.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text




Language level

Beginner: A1


The last form I filled out was in this website. It was a registration form.

I think the last application I did, it was a while ago. When logging at this place.
By the way, I´m determined to take all the resources in order to get a C1 english level. By the end of January, I hope to get such level!
Greetings to everyone from Costa Rica.
(Let´s take care about the pandemic which it´s hitting the world.)

My last application was for applying to a humanitarian organization.
Unfortunately no positive response I have at this moment.

Hello, My last application was for a new job and I hope to get it.

I don't remember when I completed the last application form. Probably, I completed an online application form on the website.

The last application form I completed was a job application for my current fob as a service manager in National Motors .

I don't remember the last application form I completed. May be, the last application form I completed was from to register Facebook account. It was about four years ago. In my country, the online register for ID card or something like that is unpopular. Normally, I usually register ID card, visa, student card directly. Because I feel that is more secure.

It was the application form to study programming online.

I completed my job application in my new place working. The application must be filled fully and many documents required

I'm going to fill my ielts registration form in the following week, filling a form is not really hard work, I usually enjoy work like that.